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Steakcraft: The Marrow's Rib Steak and Top Sirloin

New York Nick Solares 7 comments

I have never seen a chef who seasons steak as often and as fastidiously as Harold Dieterle does. At virtually every step of the cooking process he is sprinkling salt or grinding pepper on to the beef. Yet despite the seemingly constant flurry, the steaks at the Marrow come out perfectly seasoned, highlighting the flavor of the beef itself. Here the chef cooks a common cut—rib steak—and a European one: the culotte. More

The Best Drinks We Drank in January

Drinks The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

January wasn't a huge boozing month for the Serious Eats crew; quite a few of us were down with the flu. But there were still some good teas and milkshakes to be had, plus fresh sugarcane and kumquat juice in Saigon (yes, we're jealous of Erin Zimmer's journey.) Check out the slideshow for our Drinks editor's new favorite local cocktail bar, plus other highlights in beer and beyond. More

Where to Drink in the West Village: 10 Great Cocktails

Drinks Carey Jones 8 comments

While the East Village may be the more expected destination for a cocktail-lover's night out—it's got everything from classics PDT and Death + Co. to newcomers like Booker and Dax—the West Village has its fair share of great drinks, too. You might find fewer straight-up cocktail bars, but these days we're seeing good bar programs in all sorts of places: at restaurants, at Scotch bars and wine bars and pubs. Here are 10 great drinks in the West Village for your next night out. More

First Look: The Marrow, Harold Dieterle's Italian-German Eatery

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 11 comments

Set in the old Paris Common space on Bank Street and Greenwish Street, The Marrow is the third collaboration between Harold Dieterle and co-owner Alicia Nosenzo, and his first foray into meat-centric Italian and German fare. "This is the food of my family," he says. "I have an Italian grandmother on my mother's side and a German on my father's." More

First Look: All The Cocktails at The Marrow, NYC

Drinks J. Kenji López-Alt 3 comments

The cocktails at Harold Dieterle's new restaurant stray into boozier territory; a refreshing change from the long cocktails and fizzy drinks served at Kin Shop. "Half our menu is either no ice or a big ice cube," says bartender Chris Van Hoy. "Strong drinks. I like that." More

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