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Video: Jon Stewart Reacts to 'Pink Slime' on 'The Daily Show'

From yesterday's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart riffs on "pink slime," the ammonia-treated beef trimmings product sometimes added to ground beef that started making headlines earlier this year when McDonald's announced their burgers would no longer use "pink slime." Since then, many supermarkets have also announced that they would no longer sell beef containing "pink slime." More

In Videos: 'The Daily Show' on the Global Food Crisis

As global food shortages cause riots in East Africa, West Africa, Egypt, and elsewhere, Americans feel the effects in the form of Costco's limit on how many bags of rice they can buy. In a segment called C"Rice"Is in the U.S., We're All Gonna Die, Rob Riggle reports from Costco: "The lines here to purchase your four 50-pound bags of basmati rice—per visit—while not long, are slow-moving." Aasif Mandvi reports from East Africa: "There is some concern that the food riots will not subside in time for the scheduled water riots, leading to what some might call, a much bigger riot." Watch the video, after the jump.... More

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