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First Look: New Cocktails At The Beagle, NYC

We've been big fans of The Beagle in the past, so when we heard that the East Village bar-restaurant was reopening with a new chef, new menu, and new cocktail program, we were eager to see what they'd come up with. Bar manager Dan Greenbaum has designed an entire list of new drinks, quite a few more than before, and of a greater variety—making use of late summer fruit; some boozier and some lighter; having fun with sherry, Greenbaum's biggest passion. Come take a look at six of the new drinks. More

First Look: Brunch Cocktails at The Beagle, NYC

When he opened The Beagle in New York's East Village last May, owner Matt Piacentini was definitely not interested in serving brunch. "At first, I was adamant that I didn't want to do daytime stuff—I really wanted to focus on the cocktails," he said. "But seeing the clientele, I started to think, 'I bet these people would drink just as many cocktails at brunch.'" More

First Look: Brunch at The Beagle

Brunch service at The Beagle hasn't been too crazy since its debut in early March, but don't expect to go wait-free for long. After opening last May, The Beagle has been turning out a brand of thoughtful, flavor-packed dishes, focusing on seasonal produce and nose-to-tail approaches to meat. Their brunch dishes, courtesy of Chef Garrett Eagleton, are no exception. More

The Beagle in the East Village: Amazing Food with Cocktails to Match

There are any number of spots with sophisticated food and drink programs, where skilled bartenders work alongside skilled chefs. And we can certainly name a few bars (Terroir, Ardesia) where the small plates are as carefully thought through as the wine list. But we couldn't have named you a place where not only are both cocktail bar and restaurant exemplary (even destination-worthy), but they also complement each other—where a clear degree of thought is put into their pairing, not just their separate programs. That's what we found at The Beagle. More

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