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Thanksgiving Leftovers: White Chili with Roast Turkey or Chicken

I have no idea where or when white chicken chili was invented. I couldn't even tell you the first time I tried it. It was probably at home as a kid, and the recipe probably came from the Betty Crocker cookbook, or perhaps the Joy of Cooking. Things I do know: the combination of tender chicken, white beans, and green chilies is a flavorful force to be reckoned with, one that's made all the more delicious when you swap out that wimpy chicken for some leftover turkey. More

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Roast Turkey and Black Bean Quesadillas

There are a few tricks when it comes to making great quesadillas. Stuffing plays no small part in it. The day after Thanksgiving, that means turkey, along with shredded cheese (a good melting one like Jack or mozzarella-like Oaxacan string cheese), a secondary ingredient (you can go with leftover sweet potatoes or brussels sprouts or, as in this case, canned beans), and—and this is of vital importance—something pickled. Here's how it's done. More

Cakespy: Leftover Thanksgiving Pie Milkshake

This milkshake recipe is easy to make using leftover pecan or pumpkin pie (but not both at the same time, please) with a touch of cranberry sauce for a tinge of tartness; if you're daring, go ahead and add in a spoonful of sweet potato casserole, too. Mix it up, and then sip, savor, and enjoy this indulgent post-holiday treat. More

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Tortilla Soup

Turkey and chilies go remarkably well together. Heck, the turkey's even the national bird of Mexico, or at least it would have been had the Golden Eagle and a half dozen other birds in line for the job in front of it had posed slightly less imposing silhouettes on a coat of arms. It is, however, widely consumed in Mexico. And honestly, turkey tortilla soup is much better than chicken tortilla soup, plus it comes together really fast. More

Recipe Inspiration: What To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Ok, so a fourteen pound turkey probably would have been enough, but it looked wimpy, so you went with an eighteen-pounder. And your eyes were a little bigger than your guests' stomachs on that whole stuffing issue, so you have a whole panful in the fridge. Never fear, Serious Eats is here, and we've been combing the web for good-looking ideas for what to do with what's left from Turkey Day. More

Cakespy: Pie Fries

When it comes to pie, my mantra is "I must increase my crust." But even carbohydrate addicts find themselves with extra scraps of pie dough from time to time. And I now have the best solution for making use of them: Pie Fries. More

Sunday Brunch: Leftover Mashed Potato Biscuits

The smell of freshly baked biscuits can create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort throughout the house—and this recipe can also help use up ample Thanksgiving leftovers. Mashed potato biscuits are tender and flaky, but have enough structure to hold up to a slice of turkey and a dollop of gravy. Warm out of the oven with some cranberry butter, these tender biscuits go well with a hot cup of strong tea. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Thanksgiving Dog

"Thanksgiving dinner on a hot dog bun." [Original artwork: Hawk Krall] Past Weeks' Dogs 24th & Passyunk TruckTexas TommyPhilly Dirty Water DogChicago Dog I've been racking my brain, trying to come up with a Thanksgiving-related Hot Dog of the Week, hoping that someone somewhere had concocted a seasonal haute dog. Maybe venison sausage with pumpkin aioli or Kobe beef corn dogs with cranberry dipping sauce? Then a vision of a dog piled high with classic Thanksgiving sides materialized in my mind. "Wow, that would be amazing if somebody did that, ha," I thought to myself. Turns out Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace in Columbus, Ohio, did. I wrote about Dirty Frank's earlier this year soon after they opened. Owner Liz... More

Day-After-Thanksgiving Brunch Menu

These leftovers come together as a light, flavorful, seasonal, and elegant brunch for all your relatives the day after Thanksgiving. The point with leftovers is: the less it looks like last night's dinner, the more you'll want to eat it. The first recipe uses leftover turkey, but has nothing to do with the traditional white bread, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and turkey sandwich. My Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich piles very thinly-sliced turkey breast with crispy bacon leftover from breakfast, a fresh lemon mayonnaise made with juice and zest, frisee lettuce, and Munster cheese, all sandwiched in a thin baguette or ficelle. It can be served cold or pressed like a panini. The result is hearty, but light from the lemon... More

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