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Share Your Sweets: A Look Back at Thanksgiving

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Serious Eaters are nothing if not creative, and you showed that this year with your assortment of Thanksgiving desserts. More

I Brought Cinnabon Vodka Home for Thanksgiving

Drinks Jamie Feldmar 16 comments

The first thing you should know about this review is that I volunteered to do it. I'm not typically a vodka drinker, let alone a flavored vodka drinker, but when the bottle of Cinnabon vodka showed up at our office, I figured what the hell, and brought it home for Thanksgiving. More

Chocoholic: Pumpkin Roll with White Chocolate Cream Cheese

Sweets Yvonne Ruperti Post a comment

Creamy white chocolate lemon cream cheese fills a moist spiced pumpkin cake. The pretty presentation makes it perfect for the holidays. More

Pumpkin Custard with Cookie Crumble

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

Invert your pumpkin pie this year by topping pumpkin pie filling with a ginger cookie crumble. More

18 Photos (Plus 1 Video) of Your Thanksgiving Feasts!

The Serious Eats Team 2 comments

We asked for shots of your Thanksgiving feasts, and boy, did you guys answer! Click through for 18 photos of your Thanksgiving feasts, plus one totally awesome slo-mo video involving turchetta and stuffing waffles. More

22 Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Lily Chin 1 comment

Eating Thanksgiving leftovers for days on end is enough to drive even the most turkey-enthused over the edge. From effortless stratas and salads to Asian-inspired soups and stir-fries, bring some variety to the table with these 22 leftover-friendly recipes. Jump to one below or click through the slideshow for more inspiration! More

Your Last Minute Guide To Thanksgiving Dessert

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

Yes, it's T-1 day until Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean you can't have an awesome dessert. We've got tricks and tips for making the perfect pie (and the perfect gluten-free pie too!), plus delicious non-pie recipes and more. More

We Want to See What Your Thanksgiving Looks Like!

The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

Send us pictures of your Thanksgiving meals and we'll compile your cornucopias into one glorious photo essay next week. Happy Thanksgiving! More

Your Last Minute Thanksgiving Drinks Guide

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

We've been talking a lot about what to drink on Turkey Day, but in case you missed any of those articles, we wanted to gather all the info in one handy place. More

Make-Ahead Turkey and Egg Strata

Suzanne Lehrer Post a comment

In thinking about make-ahead Thanksgiving and holiday leftovers, a strata is a veritable no-brainer. Once the dinner plates have been cleared, you can assemble this in 5 minutes flat. The following day, you'll have brunch waiting in your fridge ready to be baked off—once everyone's appetite has returned. More

Make-Ahead Turkey and Egg Strata

Serious Eats Suzanne Lehrer Post a comment

This recipe is both a chef and crowd pleaser; little work for you, and lots of delicious eggy brunch for your guests. Somewhere between a bread pudding and a frittata, the custardy casserole gets layers of bread, meat, vegetables and cheese, lasagna-style. More

Open Thread: How are You Going to Cook Your Turkey?

Jamie Feldmar 43 comments

Are you taking Kenji's advice to spatchcock, or going deconstructed with a deep-fried, sous-vide turchetta? Are you a griller, or a deep-fryer? Or maybe you skip the bird entirely? We want to know! More

Three Babe's Mini Pie Crusts

Serious Eats Lenore Estrada 3 comments

Three Babes Bakeshop shares their flakey all-butter crust for your mini pies. More

Apple Lattice Mini Pies

Serious Eats Lenore Estrada 2 comments

These adorable little pies have a buttery crust and sweet apple filling. More

One-Pot Wonders: Leftover Turkey Frittata

One-Pot Wonders Yasmin Fahr Post a comment

What do you do with leftover green beans, brussels sprouts, and turkey? Cook 'em up with some eggs for a quick and easy breakfast frittata! More

Leftover Turkey Frittata

Serious Eats Yasmin Fahr Post a comment

What do you do with leftover green beans, brussels sprouts, and turkey? Cook 'em up with some eggs for a quick and easy breakfast frittata! More

Thanksgiving Sandwich Showdown at Jake's Sandwich Board in Philly

A Sandwich a Day Charlie Taylor 4 comments

Two offerings from Jake's Sandwich Board in Philadelphia go head-to-head for the right to be called the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich. More

The Food Lab: Turkey Paitan Ramen With Crispy Shredded Turkey and Slow-Cooked Egg

The Food Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 8 comments

Turkey soup is all well and good for the day after Thanksgiving, and what's more, it's a snap to make. But sometimes I don't feel like making things snappy. Sometimes I feel like investing a bit more time into my scraps. Sometimes I feel like I want my home to smell like simmering turkey broth for an entire day before I get to dig into the fruits of my labor (or really, the fruits of my stove's labor, because it does the lion's share of work in this recipe). Enter Turkey Paitan Ramen. More

Turkey Paitan Ramen With Crispy Turkey and Soft Cooked Egg

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 6 comments

A rich and creamy turkey broth flavored with miso and sesame with crispy braised turkey meat, a soft boiled egg, and Brussels sprouts leaves. More

Make-Ahead Detox Turkey Soup

Suzanne Lehrer 2 comments

After hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, first, seconds, thirds, probably a midnight snack, and leftover pie for breakfast, chances are you may be craving some clean eating after Thanksgiving. This soup creates a lot of flavor in a short period of time, using ingredients most likely already purchased for the holiday. More

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