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Scooped: Thai Tea Ice Cream

Among all the other reasons I'm grateful to have grown up in in a big city, I'd be remiss to not thank the bubble tea shops. I lived close to Flushing, Queens and most of my childhood friends were Asian, so bubble tea became a fact of life. The bubble tea parlor is the soda fountain of our time. And while I wouldn't trust one to make a proper egg cream, they do one better: Thai iced tea, that orange, condensed milk-spiked elixir like no other drink around. More

Thai Tea Ice Cream

This ice cream tastes just like a cup of Thai iced tea, but with a stronger tea kick. Serve with a slurp (or two) of sweetened condensed milk. If you want to remove all tea particles from the ice cream, strain the custard through a cheesecloth. More

Drinks Discovery: Wang Derm Thai Iced Tea

What is it about Thai iced tea that makes it so perfectly crave-worthy? Is it the subtly floral vanilla note? The deliciously mouth-coating sweetened condensed milk? That beautiful orange fluorescence? The knowledge that it will wash down a steaming plate of pad see ew? Who cares, as long as I can find a way to have it any time I want? More

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