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25 Pork Sandwiches We Love in NYC

It's hard not to love a pork sandwich. Chicken is great, but nothing matches pork's flavor, fat and versatility (pulled! smoked! cured!). Whether it's juicy barbecue or salty soppressata, pork is kind of our favorite thing to see between two slices of bread. We combed through our sandwiches archives for 25 pork sandwiches that we salivate just to think about. More

A Sandwich a Day: BLT at TasteBuds

There's so much pleasure in a BLT. This simple combination of ingredients is such a good menu standby, and a useful barometer of the overall quality of a sandwich shop. The rendition (6.95) at newly-opened TasteBuds lies within sight of top-notch. More

Calcium: The Tongue's Sixth 'Taste' Discovered

Your tongue might be able to taste calcium, according to scientists like Michael Tordoff, the behavioral geneticist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. And how does it taste? "Calcium-y," Tordoff said. "There isn't a better word for it." A sour bitterness is the best description, which could explain why certain people don't like collard greens, bok choy, kale, or bitter melon. They are all calcium-rich vegetables. Related Talk: A Loss of Taste Am I a Supertaster?... More

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