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Chocoholic: Creamy Chocolate Tapioca

Sweets Yvonne Ruperti Post a comment

Soft tapioca pearls lend a chewy texture to this cool and creamy chocolate pudding. More

Creamy Chocolate Tapioca Pudding

Serious Eats Yvonne Ruperti 2 comments

Soft tapioca pearls lend a chewy texture to a cool and creamy chocolate pudding. More

Sweet Technique: How to Make Tapioca Pudding

Sweets Lauren Weisenthal 3 comments

You'll love the creamy texture and simple vanilla flavor that's unadulterated by the cornstarch used in so many other pudding recipes. And, of course, there's the delightful little squish of the tapioca, like so many bubbles of happiness. More

Homemade Tapioca Pudding

Serious Eats Lauren Weisenthal 4 comments

I love the simplicity of homemade tapioca pudding, the delightful milk-based custard thickened with the excess tapioca starch from hundreds of slightly chewy tapioca pearls. If you're planning to make tapioca, the hardest part is waiting for the tapioca pearls to soak. Plan accordingly. More

Snapshots from Sao Paulo: 10 Great Sweets

Sweets Lauren Sloss 3 comments

Toasty coconut, creamy, sweet chocolate, and rapadura—sweets in Sao Paulo, Brazil do an excellent job of tasting familiar and brand-new all at once. And when I found myself in town for five days with eating as my primary mission, it was a given that I would be ordering dessert. A lot of dessert. More

Scooped: Jasmine Tea and Rose Petal Sorbet

Serious Eats Max Falkowitz 5 comments

After my Thanksgiving excesses, I needed to atone. I also needed to shake my head clear of the pumpkin-spiced everything clouding my culinary imagination. This sorbet was as easy to make as a pitcher of iced tea, but much more refreshing. More

Sugar Rush: Red Wine Tapioca Pudding from Pão de Queijo

New York Zach Brooks Post a comment

I love tapioca pudding, but had never seen the Brazilian version made with red wine until this weekend at Pão de Queijo in Astoria. Known as sagu de vinho, the dessert is made from boiling tapioca pearls in red... More

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