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15 Homemade Fast Food and Takeout Favorites (That Are at Least as Good as the Originals)

Most of us, no matter how discerning we sometimes get about our meals, have a soft spot for fast food in one form or another, whether it's chow mein, McDonald's French fries, or the towering might that is Shake Shack's Double Shack Stack. Try one of these 15 fast-food and takeout re-creations to get all the deliciousness, with no scary ingredients and no drive-thru required. More

The Best Beers to Drink with Takeout

"I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's grab some take-out." Who hasn't said that at least once? No matter how much you like to cook, sometimes you just aren't feeling it. In those instances, a delivery pizza or a jog around the corner for Chinese is just the ticket. While you're out, pick up some beer. But what beer to choose? Here are some general pointers to help you find a good match for whatever dishes you're ordering. More

Lunch for One: Radish

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] I only come to Radish in Williamsburg on sunny days. There's no seating inside this prepared food shop-market-coffee bar except for a single bench in front of the shop. And that is where I like... More

Northern Spy Food Co: All the Right Stuff?

The owners of the newly opened restaurant/local food purveyor/take out emporium Northern Spy Food Co. are clearly trying to do the right thing. They are championing and featuring locally sourced food, are cooking as much as possible with those products, and trying to keep prices manageable. But the question the serious eaters wanted answered was simply this: Is the food delicious? More

Bay Area Eats: Golden Mar, Seriously Good Indonesian Food

Stuffed baby squid with a green pepper relish. Folks, I believe I've found the Bay Area's best kept food secret. I'm not proud, but neither am I ashamed to admit: As I shoveled forkfuls of some of the most incredible food I've had since leaving Asia, I cried. All around me, my dining companions had a sheen of perspiration on their brows, and even a couple of freely running noses. But me, the wimpy one, I was dripping hot, salty tears into the terong bumbu balado pedas (spicy, sambal eggplant dish). "What's the point?" you ask. "What's the point of a dish that's so fiery that your mouth is aflame and you can't taste a thing?" Spicy sambal eggplant.... More

Here's a Tip: Mediocre Pizza Is Better When You Order It 'Well-Done'

Pizza photograph by The Pizza Review T&R, where I often get my delivery and take-out pies. For the last year, whenever I've ordered a conventional-gas-oven, mediocre-ingredients-laden, decent-crusted plain pie from my local pizzeria of choice, T&R, I have been specifying that my pie be well-done. Why? Because uncooked, gummy pizza dough may be my No. 1 pizza pet peeve (also known as my "PPP"). Nothing ruins a pizza like a bite filled with raw dough. And you know what? Ordering well-done really makes a difference. My last pie from T&R was most excellent. Am I the only pizza lover... More

Working on Economic Bailout, Capitol Hill Disagrees on Take-Out

No all-nighter on the Hill outlining a proposed $700 billion bailout would be complete without take-out. Last night, when members of the House and Senate met to put a Band-Aid on the financial bust, they had pretty different take-out orders, as the New York Times reports. On the House side, there was pizza and for the Senate, Thai food. Sarah DiGregorio at the Village Voice would rather be in the Senate (clearly a lemon grass lover). But maybe the pepperoni fan in you prefers Pelosi's people. Which side are you on?... More

The Takeout Conundrum

Photo from dslrninja on Flickr.com When I order takeout from my local Thai restaurant, the amount of nonrecyclable plastic that is used to carry all that delicious food to me is absolutely out of hand. There are the thick, round plastic containers (which are no doubt a huge improvement in quality over their aluminum predecessors) as well as plasticware I simply don't need, plastic soup and rice containers, and, of course, the plastic bag that the whole thing was delivered in. And then when I think about the fact that all this plastic gets used only once, the real guilt begins to set in.... More

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