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Los Angeles: La Isla Bonita Is The Neighborhood Taco Truck of Venice

It doesn't take much to please the locals out in Venice. They've got sunshine on their side, the beach at their feet, and a closeknit sense of neighborhood that's practically unrivaled anywhere else in Los Angeles. And it is that perfect Venice mix of well-heeled hippie, lanky surfer, aging musician, yoga pants moms and perpetually busy twentysomething that all lines up on weekdays for La Isla Bonita. This is their neighborhood taco truck. More

5 Incredible Tacos in Columbus, Ohio

Who the heck woulda thunk that Columbus, Ohio, is home to some of the greatest tacos I've had anywhere? Even most Columbus residents former and current are unaware of the awesome truck scene that's unfolded in the city in recent years. I haven't done the math, but I'd be willing to wager that Columbus has one of the highest levels of taco trucks per capita in the country. More

Los Angeles: Tacos Arizas in Echo Park For Awesome Chorizo Tacos

Tacos Arizas is a long-standing member of the Echo Park taco tradition. Their trailer idles nightly just off Sunset Blvd., alongside the Walgreens on otherwise forgettable Logan Street. If you're not already familiar with the location, feel free to let your wandering stomach and a multi-colored neon sign guide you. The chorizo is the best choice on an already satisfying taco line-up. More

Los Angeles Taco Trucks: El Matador vs. Tacos Mi Teresita

Since time immemorial, two taco trucks have parked in front of the dimly lit auto body shop at Western and Lexington. Two competing trucks, not 20 feet from one another, with no plenty of other real estate around and no other trucks in sight. Granted, the neighborhood seems more than happy to oblige them both, and flashy bar LA Descarga down the street certainly offers up a nice influx of late night eaters. But... two?! More

Los Angeles: Taco Zone Truck in Echo Park, You Can Do Better

Taco Zone is one of Los Angeles' most beloved late night taco trucks, having successfully weathered the flood of gourmet fusion trucks that continue to zip around town (although, with the tide receding, some are beginning to look for any brick-and-mortar in a storm). In fact, it almost feels like Taco Zone has been there forever, quietly serving a wide selection of meats while the Echo Park neighborhood around them changes. More

New Haven: Who Has The Best Tacos on Long Wharf?

I've been past New Haven on I-95 for near-on three decades now, slowly watching the collection of food trucks grow and grow until it finally reached full-on convoy size. While you'll find a Puerto Rican truck serving some pretty decent lechon and a few trucks specializing in tortas and pinchos, most of the trucks here are hardcore Mexican taco trucks. On our recent road trip up to New Haven, we decided to order a couple tacos from every single one so we could lead you, Serious Eaters, along the path of righteousness should you ever find yourself in the area. More

A Look at the Inaugural Los Angeles Vendy Awards

The first Los Angeles Vendy Awards were held at MacArthur Park on Saturday. With the well-noted catering truck trend still going full throttle in Los Angeles, the event, which started in New York City six years ago, migrated west to honor both the new kids on the scene and the old-school vendors alike. The judges—including Evan Klieman (host of Good Food on KCRW) and Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of (of Animal)—certainly had a hard task in front of them. How does one decide if a short rib grilled cheese sandwich is better or worse than a bacon wrapped hot-dog? I mean, really! How? Photos and results from the Vendys, after the jump. More

Nashville Taco Truck Roundup

A quick web search of "Nashville" and "taco trucks" will get you two types of results. First you'll find a few postings, mostly from late 2005, about the city's purported plans to ban taco trucks due to "health concerns," which apparently never went through (gracias a Dios). But most of what you'll find being written about taco trucks in Nashville today focuses exclusively on Mas Tacos, a gourmet mobile trailer of the type that's got the country all aTwitter these days, but there are plenty of cheaper, more authentic, and in my opinion tastier, taco trucks nearby on two main avenues: Gallatin Pike and Nolensville Pike. More

Two Great Lunches in Wine Country: Oakville Grocery and Tacos Garcia

[Photographs: Carey Jones] Grilled turkey sandwich, or beef cheek tacos? Drive along California's Route 29, through the heart of Napa Valley, and you'll pass by any number of superb restaurants—fertile soil, world-class wine, and the people who love said wine create an excellent climate for fine dining. But when you're looking for a quick lunch, not a Michelin adventure, options can seem a bit slim. Here are two of my favorite, under-$10 eats in wine country, after the jump.... More

Juan Posada, Taco Truck Photographer

posadaphoto.com "What makes taco trucks unique is the people; the people that work in them and the patrons that visit them. They bring life to streets that otherwise might be dead. The flicker of the grill, the fluorescent lights, the smell of carne asada and people gathered around food enriches the urban experience of many people in Los Angeles." —Juan Posada, taco truck photographer, in an interview on California Taco Trucks... More

How to Make a 3-D Paper Taco Truck

Remember those paper dolls that you could cut out and play with? Yeah, they were a total letdown. Why would I play in 2-D when 3-D dolls existed? Well, here they are in paper taco truck form from Goopymart! There are seven different models to choose from including Senor Macho Taco (for the macho men), Yum Taco (what else do you need in a name?), and Pirate (because pirates love tacos too). I printed out and made the Kawaii model, mainly because there's a blob saying "FOOD" and "LOVE" on the side. I mean if I had my own truck, this is basically what it would look like, give or take a few unicorns and sparkles. Related Video: Los... More

The Sincerest form of Korean Taco Flattery?

California Taco Trucks has a roundup of links showing how the CalbiBBQ truck has copied the Kogi taco truck from logo and menu right down to its Twitter marketing strategy. Chicanery or just a happy case of "more Korean tacos for everyone"? A very interesting post from the Kogi team gives further insight.... More

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