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On the Beer Trail: Syracuse, New York

Thankfully, the school we performing at that night offered us a meal stipend (don't get me started on college cafeteria "fish"). But when Dave and I arrived at Empire Brewing Company with an envelope full of beer—I mean, dinner—money, we were greeted by a thirsty crowd overflowing into the street. Was this Syracuse, I asked myself, or New Orleans during Mardi Gras? Judging by the lack of bare breasts, it was definitely Syracuse. More

Scott's Pizza Chronicles: Pizza Menu Time Machine

A note on the menu indicates that the pizzas are all 12 inches. A "Plain-Cheese" pizza is just $1.15 and every topping is twenty cents more. The most expensive pie is the "Twin Trees Delux," ringing in at a whopping $1.65 for sausage, mushrooms, onions, peppers and anchovies. Pepperoni is an option, but a letter from the owner tells me it wasn't on the menu when he started making pizzas in 1962. My favorite detail is the spelling of "muzzarella," which hints at the Rescignano family's pronunciation. More

College Tours: Where To Eat Near Syracuse University

Syracuse has much more to offer than basketball and blizzards. It's the home of some truly wonderful food, too, much of it right at the fingertips of SU students living on or near University Hill. No, the home of Otto the Orange isn't the culinary wasteland you might expect from a city that gives the north of Westeros a run for its money in the bad weather department, so abandon the notion that you need dreadful dining halls or Domino's delivery, and it's not just Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. More

Football, Deviled Eggs, Bloody Marys: NFL Week 7

The Patriots don't play again until Halloween Eve, which means this is shaping up to be a football-free weekend in our house. Both the Sunday night and Monday night games look terrible (the Colts are in one, the Jaguars the other), and Emily and I are going to take Sunday afternoon off from our jobs at the football-watching factory to go to Providence for the day. But this doesn't mean I won't bloody up some Marys and bedevil some eggs in the sport's honor. More

A Slice for Cerberus

Airlines these days are great for delays and diversions, but they're not particularly good at customer service. But in the New York Times's "On the Road" column, Joe Sharkey focuses on two separate instances—in Syracuse and Albany, New York—in which pizza was ordered in for groups of stranded passengers. "I’m not going to keep you on the plane. I’m going to pull up to a gate where you can get off, as long as you wait there in case we have to leave. I know you’ve only had cheese and crackers. So I called the Sbarro in the terminal and... More

'The Syracuse Pizza Manifesto'

After much discussion and smacktalk about it in the Comments section, Slice was able to get a copy of the infamous "Syracuse Pizza Manifesto" by pizzafans D.J. Bubbles (right) and M.C. Treats. Though less a "manifesto" than a list, it is nonetheless helpful for pizza-craving 'Cuse folk. We'll see if this starts a flame war with the pizza cognoscenti in Syracuse the way it did between Bubbles and Mr. Cutlets. THE LEGITIMATE [SYRACUSE] TOP 10 10. PEPPINO'S: Great crust, good cheese, but a little too greasy. 9. MARTINO'S: Grab a great slice (much better than ordering a pie here) and... More

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