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Lost Tastes: Perfect Hong Kong Cakes

These days, Mosco Street, the little hill that runs between Mulberry and Mott in Chinatown, is mainly known for its decent Thai grocery store and the mediocre five-for-a-dollar Fried Dumpling shop. But anybody who lived in Manhattan through the 80's and 90's knows Mosco Street for a different one-dollar-treat: the Hong Kong Cake. More

Blogwatch: Brioche Cinnamon Rolls from What Geeks Eat

To me, anything comforting done up French becomes even more fabulous. So when I came across these Brioche Cinnamon Rolls, Marianne and Uncle Sam rolled up in one fabulous, puffy, crusty, oozing sweet Doughboy confection, I melted as thoroughly as the frosting. Vanessa proclaims: “I absolutely love brioche and I absolutely adore cinnamon rolls. Bringing the two together is beyond obvious but leave it to me to point out the obvious. These cinnamon rolls turned out tender, buttery, rich, and sweet, with that fabulous bite of cinnamon. These are my new favorite cinnamon rolls.” These rolls may be What Geeks Eat, but they seem pretty cool to me!... More

Serious Eats Gift Guide: Sweets

You can never go wrong giving someone something sweet for the holidays. Sweet things make people happy. Not just chocolate or cookies or cake either. Perfectly ripe fruit brings a smile to my face as well. Here's our guide to sweet things to give and get for the holidays. More

Dragon Beard Candy

I don't bat an eye at fancy, pricey chocolates any more, but two dollar candies? YuzuMura.com charges $17.50 for a box containing a mere nine pieces of Dragon Beard Candy, which is "made using a 2000-year old technique first introduced to the imperial court in ancient China. A skilled candy-maker repeatedly stretches and doubles a small mass of sugar and maltose until over 8000 fine strands are formed. Finally, the strands are trimmed and wrapped around finely chopped, lightly roasted coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds." candyaddict.com tried them in 2005 and said they're "very good, a unique taste and texture and definitely one of the most interesting candies I have ever had." If you live near a fair-sized Chinatown,... More

Just In Time For Easter: Make Your Own Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream

"For me and many others, the arrival of spring was heralded not by the vernal equinox nor by the springing forward of clocks but by the appearance of Cadbury Creme Eggs in grocery and drug stores. (With global warming messing everything up these days, such material signs might soon be the only evidence of seasonal change remaining.)" Not only did Creme Egg enthusiast Doug Gordon stock up on his favorite Easter candy this year, but he also made himself some Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream, and for that act commited in the pursuit of Serious Eating we salute him. (This Easter, Brits are getting an official Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream in limited edition for the first time; they... More

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