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Vegetarian: Sweet Potato and Black Bean 'Chilaquiles'

This Mexican "lasagna" is one of my all-time favorite vegetarian main dishes. The filling—a mix of roasted sweet potatoes, black beans and green onions— is sweet and subtly spicy; the homemade salsa, made from flash-roasted vegetables, is sneakily spicy; and, well, who doesn't love a generous layer of melted, almost-crispy cheese? This is one mutt of a dish I'll be returning to again and again this winter. More

Grilling: Sweet Potato and Corn Salad

Of all the Thanksgiving staples, I've never been able to get behind candied sweet potatoes. These orange tubers are one my favorite fall vegetables and I can't understand why you'd want mask that sweetness with more sugar, and then top it off with marshmallows? If I were doing a sweet potato dish, it'd be something more in line with this sweet potato and corn salad. More

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