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Behind The Scenes at the Absolut Vodka Distillery in Sweden

Rather than purchase raw neutral spirits, which is common practice for many manufacturers, Absolut takes control of the process from beginning to end—from seed to glass—and it's all done locally in Sweden. I traveled there to tour the distillery and learn about how vodka is made—I also got a sneak peek at some new Absolut products that are coming down the pipeline. More

Snapshots from Sweden: Roaming Around a Swedish Supermarket

It was supposed to be a quick stop, but by pulling into the parking lot of ICA, one of Sweden's largest supermarket chains (if not the largest), I ensured that I'd be late to my next scheduled destination. Because when I'm in a supermarket outside my home territory, I look at everything and take bright-eyed joy in everyday items like cereal and mayonnaise. Kids love candy stores; I love supermarkets. (...And I also love candy stores.) Here's a slideshow of some products that caught my eye. More

Snapshots from Sweden: Swedish Breakfast

I like breakfast, but I don't like it more than sleep. And sleep wins 99 percent of the time. But during my week in Sweden I woke up early almost every day for breakfast because Swedish breakfast is pretty great—at least, in the form of the complimentary breakfast buffets at the hotels I stayed at. If you're looking for platefuls of hash browns, syrupy pancakes, and bacon, you won't be happy, but if you like the sound of cereal, yogurt, dried fruits and nuts, and a make-your-own-open-faced-sandwich bar featuring a spread of breads, colds cuts, and cheeses, this is for you. More

Snapshots from Sweden: Heberleins, a Grocery Store with Soul and a Whole Lot of Cured Meat

On the outside wall of Heberleins under their windows decorated with red checkered curtains reads, "matbutiken med känsla," or "grocery store with soul." And that's what it looks like at first glance: a humble, just large enough, well stocked mom-and-pop grocery store with produce, dry and canned goods, beverages, dairy products, the requisite wall of loose candy bins...oh, and a long deli counter stuffed with sausages, hams, various cold cuts and cured meats, and more. More

Snapshots from Sweden: Vanilla Hearts and Cardamom Cookies at Flickorna Lundgren

The pack of cardamom cookies I brought back from the over 70-year-old café and bakery Flickorna Lundgren didn't last long in the Serious Eats office; by the end of the day only a few crumbs remained. But as good as the cookies tasted here, they probably would've tasted better in their original, fairytale-esque setting in southern Sweden. Flickorna Lundgren bursts with greenery and flowers from their thatched-roof cottage filled with baked goods, to their garden featuring a pond and plenty of outdoor seating, to their airy greenhouse, perfect for sitting indoors on a rainy afternoon like on the day I visited. More

Snapshots from Sweden: Strawberry Season

As summer approaches in Sweden, so does Sweden's strawberry (jordgubbar) season, and thus the season of, "Eat As Many Swedish Strawberries As You Can." If you see a strawberry stand while driving around Sweden, you should stop there and buy some strawberries. Or do what we did: Drive past the strawberry stand, three seconds later think, "Oh wait, that was a strawberry stand, why the heck are we driving away from it?" and turn the car around. More

Snapshots from Sweden: Vikentomater, a Tomato Farm With Over 80 Kinds of Tomatoes

If Vikentomater's endearing slogan, "In my food, on my sandwich and in my heart," doesn't grab you, maybe their boxes upon boxes of vibrant, gleaming tomatoes in different shapes (perfectly round, oblong, asymmetrically blobular), sizes (bite- to monster fist-sized), and colors (reds, purples, yellows, greens, striped)—more kinds in one spot than I had ever seen before in my life—will do the trick. More

Is Billy's Pan Pizza in the Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy Real? Yes, It Is

If you've read Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy (who hasn't?) and are a pizza fan, you may have wondered, Is Billy's Pan Pizza for real? Yes. It is. Along with sandwiches (they are awfully fond of eating sandwiches in those books, arent' they?) Billy's Pan Pizza is referred to several times throughout the course of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest. Don't worry, all two of you out there who have not read these Swedish crime thrillers, this post contains no spoilers. Just some Billy's commercials... More

Kebab Pizza in Sweden

[Photograph: Reddit] Brooks "Pizza Commander" Jones emailed me this link a couple weeks ago. I forgot to blog it. Still worth noting, though ... My old roommate is Swedish and always used to tell me about kebab pizza in Stockholm. I could never really picture what this looked like until I saw this on Reddit, thought you'd get a kick out of it: http://www.reddit.com/r/food/comments/c4pk0/this_is_what_a_kebab_pizza_is_like_in_sweden/Cheers,Brooks... More

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