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Do We Really Need a Few Billion More Locavores?

In a typically provocative and thoughtful post, New York Times' Freakonomics blog contributor Stephen Dubner poses the above-mentioned question after he finishes making "three scoops of orange sherbet" at a cost of $12 to X-many hours. He tries to fathom whether it really is more environmentally sound for the whole world to grow our own food or eat only locally grown and raised food. To find the answer, he seeks out locavore guru Michael Pollan, but to no avail. Dubner persists and arrives at a surprising and ultimately flawed conclusion.... More

Food Words for Thought: 'Locavore' as 2007's Word of the Year

Brian Halweil of Edible Communities and editor of Edible East End checks with ... a word or two. Local squash at New York City's Union Square Greenmarket. You may not have heard that "locavore"—a person who feeds mostly on food grown or caught or gathered nearby—was named word of 2007 by the good people at the New Oxford American Dictionary. But at a time when many Americans have already capitulated on diet-related resolutions—both Weight Watchers and Special K retained major billboards in Times Square as the ball dropped—there is no doubt that our eating habits have turned a corner. It was just three years ago that Jessica Prentice, a San Francisco woman, decided to eat only food originating within 100... More

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