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Sunchoke-Brown Butter Soup with Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

Sunchokes are one of the most under-utilized ingredients of the fall and winter. It could partly have to do with their strangely gnarled appearance. Or maybe it's their flavor, which is somewhere between potato and jicama, with the sweetness and crunchiness of the latter. It's best as soup, and even better when it's been caramelized in a bit of brown butter before turning it into said soup. More

Seriously Scandinavian: Smoked Salmon With Sunchoke Paté

Turning sunchokes into a creamy soup is perhaps the most classic way of utilizing this lovely vegetable, but there are many other good options. In this recipe they're transformed into a smooth paté and served with one of the most quintessentially Scandinavian foods out there: smoked salmon. These two leading acts work extremely well together, and supported by some oven roasted crisp bread and dill becomes a charming plate of Scandinavian flavors. More

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