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12 Delicious Milkshake Recipes to Bring out Your Inner Kid

For lots of us, milkshakes aren't just delicious—they appeal to our sense of nostalgia, too. They conjure up the days of soda jerks and drugstore fountains, or, for those of us too young to remember things like that, just remind us of the little joys of childhood. Here are 12 milkshake recipes, ranging from sophisticated and subtle to super-rich, to keep your inner kid happy for the rest of the summer. More

How to Make No-Bake, No-Cook Fresh Strawberry Pie

It's hard to resist eating perfect summer strawberries straight from the pint container, but if you have the will to hold out, this pie will deliver their flavor in concentrated form. Because it requires no baking and no cooking, the berries retain their fresh-from-the-field flavor—exactly as they should when they're this good. More

17 Ways to Make Juicy, Crunchy Summer Corn Even Better

Not much can beat naturally sweet, juicy summertime corn, especially when it goes from stalk to dinner table in a matter of hours—but on-the-cob, daubed-in-butter isn't the only way to serve it, good though it may be. If you're looking to branch out a little, try one of these 17 delicious ways to enjoy fresh corn at its peak. More

How to Cook Fish à la Nage: Poached in a Flavorful Broth

Cooking fish à la nage is one of the easiest ways to prepare it, with incredibly delicious results. The basic method involves poaching fish or seafood in a flavorful broth, then serving it in that broth with vegetable accompaniments. Here are three recipes, from light and delicate salmon with summer vegetables to a bold, Thai-inspired version with cod, coconut milk, lime juice, and fish sauce. More

11 Sweet and Savory Recipes to Make the Most of Cherry Season

The too-short season of fresh cherries makes spotting them in markets akin to discovering a long-lost treasure, and the gentle pop when you bite into a firm one has almost no parallel in the food world. If, like me, you tend to go a little nuts and buy pounds of cherries when their time finally comes around, here are 11 recipes to help you make use of these summer gems. More

How to Make Awesome Jam From Fresh Plums

Before this summer, I never really understood just how overwhelming a bounty of fruit can be. But that was before I was faced with a tree that dropped five pounds of plums per day into my backyard. As you can imagine, I got quite a bit of practice at making jam. This is a summary of what I learned, along with some step-by-step instructions on how to make it yourself with your own plums (or plums from the farmers market or supermarket). More

23 Ways to Use Sweet, Juicy, Glorious Summer Tomatoes

The tomato—with the exception, perhaps, of the little grape variety—is one piece of produce that can really suck when eaten out of season. Luckily, we're entering peak tomato season, which means a whole different breed of tomato is available. These 23 dishes showcase the fruit in its sweet, acidic, and juicy glory—the taste of summer, if there ever was one. More

Easiest Summer Ever: Tomato, Bacon, Mayonnaise, and an English Muffin

There are some vegetables that are just fine all year round, and some that get better during their season. Then there are tomatoes. Nowhere else will you find such a gap between the supermarket variety and the fresh-from-the-farm, picked-when-actually-ripe kind. Combine them with bacon and mayonnaise on a toasted English muffin for the finest summer breakfast you could ask for. More

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