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The 'Original' Lemonade?

Photographs by Shimin Wong So, I had a theory. It was a very good theory, except it was ruthlessly and unscientifically disproved by a quick phone call to my grandparents. Not that it was a very precise notion to begin with. I had decided, against all the collective wisdom that is Wikipedia, that lemonade did not, indeed, originate in seventeenth-century Paris, but that it had been imported from the Old World—the “warm temperate to tropical regions” where native sugarcane thrives—namely Asia and Africa. You see, if lemonade consists of sugar (made from dehydrated sugarcane juice), water (to rehydrate the resulting sugar crystals), and lemon juice, then wouldn’t sugarcane juice with lemon be one evolutionary generation younger?... More

Sweet Juice Is Bittersweet in Egypt

I've only had sugar cane juice in Vietnamese grocery stores in New York, but it didn't mean much to me when I drank it. In Cairo, the Sons of Saad Afifi shop sells an elixir that resonates deeply with Egyptians. Photograph from Leedya on Flickr... More

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