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Poll: Is Stuffed Crust Ever Legit?

Stuffed crust pizza gets a bad rap, but divided into its parts—bread and cheese—why, it's easy to get on board with that. And we all love pizza, so why would we hate on cheese-stuffed bread attached to our slice? Admittedly, chains dominate the stuffed crust scene, but does that mean it can't ever be legit? More

Pizza Hut's Un-American Hot Dog Stuffed-Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut has expanded its hot dog stuffed-crust pizza, first popularized in outlets throughout Asia, to the UK. I can't imagine that Americans would tolerate this sort of repurposing of one of our culinary national treasures. Exploring that theory a little further, I asked our resident hot dog expert Hawk Krall if he had ever eaten or spied any pizza-themed hot dogs. More

Home Slice: Making Homemade Stuffed-Crust Pizza

Even the most diehard haters among you have to admit that a crust stuffed with cheese is pretty brilliant. No? Don't lie to me, people. I can see into your greasy souls. It's bread. Stuffed with cheese. Attached to PIZZA. You can grumble about execution, ingredients, flavor, etc., etc., but you've gotta admit that the idea itself is awesome. So what if we were to try to make it at home? More

Chicago Essential: Giordano's

Giordano's flagship restaurant might be loaded with tourists, but residents all over the Chicagoland area keep dozens of other locations busy. There's a thin crust on the menu, but there's really no reason to get it when a wonderfully gluttonous pizza is calling out your name. More

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