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Why Street Vendors are Vital to NYC Food Culture

New York Max Falkowitz 13 comments

The story of a hot dog vendor harassed off the streets in Brooklyn Heights highlights unwarranted prejudices about street food and a case of jingoistic NIMBYism that repeatedly finds itself at war with street vendors across the city. More

Heart of the House: Fany Gerson, La Newyorkina

New York Helen Zhang 3 comments

Fany Gerson's popsicles have become a summertime staple in New York. We talked with her about her business, her passion for Mexican flavors, and preserving a cultural tradition. More

Video: The Red Hook Food Vendors

New York Adam Kuban 1 comment

One of our favorite filmmakers, Liza DeGuia of Food Curated, just dropped another great video today — this one on the food vendor scene in Brooklyn's Red Hood neighborhood. The vendors originally sprang up some 40 years ago to serve area Latinos who came out on weekends to play soccer and baseball on the numerous fields there. Through the years, the vendors have gained citywide renown and now folks from all over NYC's five boroughs make the trek on weekends to eat food from trucks representing various Latin-American nations. More

Pizza Della Via a Napoli

Slice Adam Kuban 2 comments

[Fotografia: Roberto Sietsema] La prima cosa che voglio parlare di come componente di questo nuovo accordo è pizza della via a Napoli. I residenti di Napoli realmente stanno entrando ultimamente nella pizza della via. Ciò è perché stanno prendendo sulla tendenza dell'alimento della via degli Stati Uniti. È naturale, quindi, che la gente a Napoli ha trasformato la pizza l'alimento della via. Dopo tutto, se vedete qualche cosa di freddo e volete emularli, vi adattate qualunque avete a disposizione. A Napoli, la gente mangia soltanto la pizza. Quello è che cosa ha dovuto lavorare con, in modo da lo... More

Video: Mr. Okra, New Orleans Produce Truck Vendor

Adam Kuban 4 comments

Mr. Okra is "an intimate look at one of New Orleans' most colorful characters, the charismatic vegetable salesman 'Mr. Okra,' who provides a glimpse into the soul of an American city." The charming portrait is on YouTube as part of the Sundance Film Festival's YouTube Screening Room. Video, after the jump.... More

Dear SENY: 'Help Me Find This Street Vendor!'

New York Erin Zimmer 2 comments

[Photograph: Street Sweets] Dear SENY,I am looking for a street vendor who bakes and sells moon pies from the truck. We encountered him on Columbus Avenue on the way to the balloon blow-up for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We... More

L.A.: The SliceTruck

Slice Adam Kuban 8 comments

[Photographs: Slice Truck] While pizza from a truck predates the current food-truck craze, the type of pizza you'd most often see come from a kitchen on wheels seemed to be the Sicilian slices. In L.A., a city not really known for pizza, the new SliceTruck mobile vendor looks like it's turning out some thin, thin pizzas I'd eat in a flash. I mean, look at that pepperoni pie up there. If seeing is believing, call me Mickey Dolenz. The SliceTruck roams the streets of L.A. As is de rigueur with street-fooders these days, use Twitter to follow their schedule... More

D.C. Getting a Pizza Truck

Slice Adam Kuban 6 comments

Seriously? Washington, D.C., doesn't have a pizza truck already? D.C. Slices pops up in SE comments claiming to be the District's "first mobile pizza kitchen." Looks like it's not open yet, though. Stay tuned to its Twitter stream (@dcslices) for info. [Related: Yours Truly Blathers About Some D.C. Pizza »]... More

Street Food Profiles: Wy'east Pizza, Portland, Oregon

Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

Another installment from my recent pizza tour of parts of the western U.S. Here, a pizza report and a Street Food Profile all in one—from perhaps the best city for street-fooding in the U.S. Wy'east Pizza 3131 SE 50th Avenue, Portland OR 97206 (SE Tibbets/Kelly, parking lot of Ruthie's Weaving Studio; map); wyeastpizza.com Pizza Style: Thin-crust, almost New York–Neapolitan Oven Type: Small propane-fired brick oven The Skinny: Great pizza FROM A TRAILER. Yes. A trailer. Could use a little more flavor to the crust, but the simple and excellent toppings make up for that a bit. Good crisp-chewy crust. Caveat:... More

Frites N Meats Hits The Street in Tribeca

New York Carey Jones 3 comments

Photo: Midtown Lunch It's not too often that Zach "Midtown Lunch" Brooks gets "downtown lunch jealousy," but the new Frites N Meats truck (@fritesnmeats), down at Greenwich and Chambers, will do the trick. In addition to double-fried Belgian-style frites,... More

Participation in This Promotion May Be Hazardous To Your Health

New York Carey Jones 10 comments

Burger with a cup of peanut butter and mayo. We gagged, too. [Photo: This Is Why You're Fat] No, this is why you're fat. Hopping on board the food truck frenzy, This Is Why You're Fat is holding a... More

Video: Rats on Vinny Vincenz Pizza Truck

Slice Adam Kuban 9 comments

I twitted about it last night pre-newscast, then went to bed. Glad someone got this janky footage of the segment. I never imagined it would be this bad. [Hat tip: Paulie Gee]... More

Zach Brooks on the Deadliness (and Deliciousness) of the Schnitzel Burger

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

[Photograph: Robyn Lee] Zach Brooks of New York City-based Midtown Lunch finally tries the Schnitzel Burger from the Schnitzel Truck and likes it. A lot. But he doesn't glorify the deliciousness without also expounding upon the deadliness of this grease-laden... More

Schnitzel Burger from Schnitzel and Things Truck

A Hamburger Today Erin Zimmer 16 comments

"Deep-fried burgers are nothing new...but schnitz burger just has a certain ring to it, no?" [Photographs: Robyn Lee] The "Schnitz Burger" (the street name for the schnitzel burger) includes: a half-pound Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and ginger-scallion-garlic relish... More

Video: The Burger Bus from VendrTV

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 3 comments

In the latest episode of street food show VendrTV, host Dan Delaney visits The Burger Bus in Santa Barbara, California. This school bus-turned-food truck serves burgers made from locally sourced ingredients, including a special cheeseburger with apricot jalapeno jelly.... More

Berlin 'Grillwalkers' Sell Sausages Cooked on Wearable Grills

Adam Kuban 18 comments

[Photograph: Punxatawneyphil on Flickr] The New York Times has a quick piece on Berlin's grillwalkers, who sell sausages from portable grills that they wear—gas on the back; hot, hot bratfest on the front. The innovative apparatus sprang up in 1997, when inventor Bertram Rohloff devised it as a way of skirting city street-vendor permits in the city. Without permits, "neither the grill nor the sausages could touch the ground." As he worked on the invention, Mr. Rohloff considered everything from burning charcoal to hooking the grill up to a car battery — which he rejected because it would run down in just 10 minutes — before settling on propane. He designed it with an automatic cut-off mechanism for the... More

The Vendys Auction to Support the Street Vendor Project

New York Carey Jones 1 comment

One way to support your local street vendors: Stop by the Vendy Awards in Queens on Saturday, September 26. Another? Check out the Vendys' auction, with all proceeds going to the Street Vendor Project. Among the incredible, can't-get-these-anywhere-else items up... More

The Vendy Awards Are This Saturday, 9/26

New York Carey Jones 1 comment

Don't forget: The 2009 Vendy Awards, New York's annual Oscars of street food, will be held in Queens this Saturday, September 26. More

Street Food Panel at Astor Center on Sunday, September 20

New York Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Street food has come a long way since 2001, when Sean Basinsky founded the Street Vendor Project as a way to provide legal representation and advocacy to immigrant vendors. It's become more tech-savvy, more PR-filled, and arguably more imaginative... More

Photo of the Day: Maximus/Minimus's Pig Truck

Adam Kuban 8 comments

[Flickr: capndesign] I spied this photo of Seattle's Maximus Minimus pig truck on my friend Matty's Flickr account. The menu there seems pretty simple: pork or vegetable sandwich with various add-ons (Beecher's handmade cheese, slaw, chips). Sounds delicious. I'm hungry. [Note to Erin: I think these folks should be our next Street Food Profile.]... More

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