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Dinner Tonight: Monte Cristo

To me this sounds like the worst kind of dish: a mishmash of dinner, breakfast, and chaos, all on the same plate. Essentially it's a ham sandwich that's been cooked like French toast. And you're even supposed to eat it with strawberry jam! So why does it come out tasting balanced? I blame the mustard, which really should never be paired with powdered sugar, but somehow keeps everything in order. More

Looking forward to strawberries

With all the jam and jelly talk today, of course my thoughts turned to my experiences making strawberry jam with my grandmother. Less than three months 'till the berries will be ready for picking again. And that means more jamming, and more family memories. I can't wait!... More

J: Jams, Jellies (and Preserves and Conserves)

What's the difference between jelly and jam? Can you make a peanut butter and jam? Technically that's still PB&J, right? And what are preserves? Marmalades? And conserves? These days, when it's easy to just pick up a jar of Smucker's at the supermarket, why should we bother to try to make sense of these terms? More

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