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Video: Talking Soda Pop with John Nese of Galco's in Los Angeles

Cherry Coke Zero will sound pretty humdrum after you get a load of all 500-ish specialty sodas available at Galco's Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles, a carbonation haven since 1897. Owner John Nese is very proud of his collection. Red Ribbon root beer is still brewed with sassafras root bark; Bubble Up is made with actual lemon and lime oils; Manhattan Special is a coffee soda that's been roasted in Brooklyn since 1897. Nese thinks diet sodas are for the birds, but admits that Stewart's Black Cherry isn't bad. This mini-documentary is part of Chow's Obsessives series. Watch it after the jump.... More

Local, Not Preachy, Goods at Green Grocer Chicago

Photograph from Green Grocer Chicago on Facebook Some part of me wouldn’t mind handcuffing some of the more extreme proponents of the locavore movement to a chair in my kitchen and feeding them a steady diet of Chicken McNuggets until they gave up their extreme dumpster diving ways. That being said, I do appreciate the underlying message of eating more locally for its ecological and improved flavor implications. As such, whenever I can secure good tasting fare from the local farmers and artisans, I do. That’s pretty easy to do in the summer when the farmer’s markets are in full swing, but during the long slog of winter, unless you’ve got a freezer so big that Jeffrey Dahmer would be... More

Closing Soon: Baldinger's Market in Pennsylvania

Cybele of Candy Blog reports that beloved candy store Baldinger's Market is closing in June due to the passing away of owner Lois Dodge. The store has been in operation in Zelienople, Pennsylvania since 1933 and is known for its incredible candy selection. Cybele says, Baldinger’s boasted an excellent collection of candies. Much of it was bulk items and classic hard-to-find items like anise squares, Nik-l-Nips, wax lips and Mary Janes. They had seasonal candies as well, as that’s half the fun of candy along with candy bars from all over the country, limited editions and not the just the biggies. Head out to Western Pennsylvania to get your candy fix before it's too late! Baldinger's Market Address: 22105... More

Pimp My KitchenAid

Have you ever looked at your KitchenAid stand mixer in frustration and thought, "Man, this baby sure could use some decorative flames," but had no idea how to do a custom paint job? Worry no more—just stick on flame decals from FlameKA.com and transform your mixer into the sexiest appliance in your kitchen. Makes a perfect gift, too!... More

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