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Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Stone Fruit Fest

For this week's edition of our Weekend Cook and Tell we asked all of you to hit the local farmers' market in search of the best seasonal stone fruit. For a challenge we dubbed Stone Fruit Fest we wanted to see what all of you do with these juicy seasonal gems. After reading through your responses all we can say is that we'll be over for dessert sometime very soon. Here's a peek at some of your loveliest stone fruit-centric recipes. More

Los Angeles: How to Make Basement Tavern's Stone Fruit Cocktails At Home

In Southern California, the farmers' markets are bursting with stone fruit. But after you've made a few peach cobblers, thrown some nectarines on the grill, and eaten plum after ripe, juicy plum, what's left? Stone fruit cocktails. Santa Monica's Basement Tavern at the Victorian has devoted this summer season to all things stone fruit, culled primarily from the market held Sundays in the bar's parking lot. Here's how to make these delicious drinks at home. More

Market Scene: Pluots, Plumcots & Apriums

Because a majority of my food comes from the farmers market, I am often tied to the schedule of farmers markets around the Bay Area. I missed my home market twice in a row due to scheduling conflicts in recent weeks, but I made up for it by visiting the brand-new Divisadero Farmers Market and the Napa Farmers Market. I was in Napa for the unbelievably great Taste3 Conference and snuck out between speakers to visit the small, but extremely friendly and adequate, downtown market. Cruising the markets, I noticed a proliferation of plum and apricot-like stone fruits: pluots, plumcots, apriums, plums, and apricots. It wasn't until I came home and perused the Internet that I figured out the... More

Forget the Ties: Introducing the Serious Eats Father's Day Gift Guide

I've been a Dad for twenty years now, and nothing makes me happier on Father's Day (coming up this Sunday June 17th, by the way) than the gift of noshing. So this year, in order to create more perfect unions and promote filial harmony around the country, give your Dad the perfect edible gift. Here at Serious Eats we're going to make it easy for you to do so. We're going to alert you to the best foods that ship so that no matter where you live you can get your Dad something he will remember for the rest of your life. Today through Thursday we're going to focus on the five Serious Eats Dads' food groups: Barbecue, Ice Cream,... More

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