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Stir-Fried Snap Peas and Mushrooms with Fish Sauce and Basil

This stir-fry is quick, delicious, nutritious, and has only 9 ingredients (ok, 11 if you count oil and salt), which puts it pretty high in the running as a candidate for my list of "100 greatest easy weeknight side dishes of all time," if I ever get around to writing it down. I am not a list-maker by nature. Snap peas are sweet, crunchy, and tender, and with a hint of smoky char from the wok, are one of the greats as far as stir-fry veggies are concerned. And hon-shimeji mushroom—all mushrooms, in fact—are almost custom made for stiry-frys. More

Seriously Asian: Bitter Melon

True to its name, the squash is unabashedly bitter, with an acerbic taste that leaves your tongue and the roof of your mouth dry. The exterior of the melon is riddled with wart-like bumps; the cooked texture of bitter melon, like that of zucchini, is palatable, albeit uneventful. Why, then, eat such an offensively flavored melon? Precisely because its bitterness, at times almost unbearable, is unique and memorable. More

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