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Chain Reaction: LongHorn Steakhouse

A Hamburger Today Todd Brock 5 comments

LongHorn's Black and Bleu burger offers a welcome one-two punch. The rich and creamy melted blue cheese has some serious tang to it, with the beef to hold its own, thanks to LongHorn's 7-pepper seasoning, which completely encrusts the patty and provides a super spicy kick that you'll still feel on your tongue hours later. More

Chelsea: Old Homestead Should Stick to Steak

A Hamburger Today Sam Levison 6 comments

Old Homesteak's three mini burger lunch deal is solid, but awful preparation mars the full-sized burger More

Chain Reaction: Morton's The Steakhouse

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 18 comments

The prime burger at Morton's is no double-cut filet mignon, but at less than half the price, it's a reasonable compromise. More

NYC: Keens Steakhouse Burger Delivers Plenty of Juice

A Hamburger Today J. Kenji López-Alt 14 comments

Despite $50+ prices for dry aged steaks at night (plus more for à la carte side dishes), steakhouses can offer some of the best lunch deals in town. We've previously commented on a few of Keens Steakhouse's lunch steak options, as well as the awesomely decadent Prime Rib Hash, and I'm happy to report that if you're into brick-thick steakhouse-style grilled burgers, theirs is a steal worth braving the dark, oak-covered, and suit-filled pub room for. More

In The Midnight Hour: Wollensky's Grill

New York Zachary Feldman 1 comment

Like most steakhouses, Smith and Wollensky's is a power scene—a place for women and men of business to soak their stresses in red wine and beef fat. And though it's an impressive 33 years old, the space feels older, dressed in dark woods, cream tones, and soft lighting nestled into atmospheric fixtures—suggesting money as much as meat. But unlike most steakhouses, this one can go late-night. More

Los Angeles: A Prime Burger at Taylor's Steakhouse

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 11 comments

One of LA's old-school steakhouses grinds up the trimmings and turns them into a burger worth trying. More

The Art of the Lunch Deal: Keen's Steakhouse

New York Nick Solares 12 comments

"You won't find a more civilized steakhouse." Keen's Steakhouse 72 West 36th Street, New York NY 10018; map); 212-947-3636 ; keens.com Service: Friendlier than your average steakhouse Setting:An New York institution: the wood paneled walls, flourishes of Americana, and thousands... More

The Art of the Lunch Deal: Peter Luger

New York Nick Solares 8 comments

Peter Luger 178 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11211; map); 718-387-7400; peterluger.com Service: Gruff, cantankerous. Would you want it any other way? Setting: 19th-century beer hall Compare to: Keen's, Old Homestead The Deal: Small steak and fries, $31.95 While the steakhouse... More

Lunch for One: Wolfgang's Steakhouse

New York Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] I love lunch at the Tribeca location of Wolfgang's Steakhouse, a place that is very much out of my budget for evening meals. Lunch specials start at $10 for pasta, $13 for a burger, and... More

Richman Takes Down Sparks

New York Carey Jones 8 comments

Not a Sparks steak, but quite a beauty. [Photo: Robyn Lee] Alan Richman has penned many a takedown, but his recent experience at famed steakhouse Sparks left him (and his steak) cold: The kitchen correctly prepared two of five... More

What I Ate This Week (Please Don't Tell My Mother)

New York Nick Solares 12 comments

An occasional journal of a habitual restaurant diner; or, Not Eating at Home in New York. As many meals as I eat in a week, that is how many times I eat out. It's not that I can't cook—it's just... More

Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote: A Parisian Steakhouse Makes Its U.S. Debut

New York Nick Solares 26 comments

Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote is a wildly popular steakhouse concept in Europe, where long lines form outside—though I am not sure you will see the same thing happening in the newly opened New York branch. More

NYY Steak, the New Steakhouse Inside Yankee Stadium

New York Erin Zimmer Post a comment

"As a serious carnivore and lifelong Yankee-hater, I'm intrigued by NYY Steak," writes ESPN columnist Paul Lukas. He documents his evening chronologically, from phoning in the reservation at 6:45 p.m. to receiving the $302 bill at 9:49 p.m. ("clearly a... More

The Notorious Sea Urchin Uni Butter at Strip House, Recipe Included

New York Erin Zimmer 1 comment

A disc of uni butter atop Strip House's steak. Uni, or the edible part of the sea urchin, is already decadent enough as it is. So when Strip House—the Greenwich Village steakhouse where the walls are covered with burlesque... More

Sea Urchin Uni Butter from Strip House

Serious Eats Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Best New York Steak From Non-Steakhouses?

New York Ed Levine 6 comments

The hangar steak from Artisanal. Photograph by DDanzig Jay Cheshes' piece in Time Out New York on where to eat great steak in non-steakhouses in New York got me thinking. Where would I tell people to go for a... More

Did You Watch the 'Bon Appétit' Food Network Special?

Ed Levine 4 comments

I'll admit it. We didn't go out this past Saturday night, so I found myself watching the Bon Appétit Best American Restaurants special hosted by Alton Brown on the Food Network. The show itself was reasonably entertaining, though no one would call it suspenseful. Brown is perhaps my favorite Food Network personality, but he looked totally bored and disengaged on this particular show. Andrew Knowlton and Barbara Fairchild of Bon Appétit were knowledgeable and credible as the magazine's on-camera experts, but they kept talking about passion without exhibiting very much themselves.... More

New York's Three Best Steakhouses

New York Ed Levine 10 comments

My friend John called the other day to ask my advice on where to send some friends to eat steak in New York. On Serious Eats yesterday I posted about the evolution of Porter House New York, now clearly one... More

Porter House New York

Ed Levine 3 comments

Porter House New York: A steakhouse with a chef back where he belongs. Photograph courtesy of Jason Perlow Steakhouses don't usually have chefs in charge. For example, who's the chef at Peter Luger? Or Gene and Georgetti in Chicago? Or the Pacific Dining Car in Los Angeles? I don't know, and I am willing to wager a steak dinner at Luger that nobody else does either. That's because steakhouses are traditionally not chef-driven; they're prime, preferably dry-aged meat and perfectly golden hash-brown-potato driven. Although celebrity chefs have gotten into the steakhouse game (because they love red meat and love developing concepts that can be cloned and yield profits with minimal oversight), I can think of only one serious chef... More

It's Like a Waiter Wrote It

Nathalie Jordi 1 comment

Augieland hits the nail on the head most of the time he writes, but his essays on tipping, respecting your server, and not ordering filet mignon in a steakhouse get it especially right. Augs, on behalf of food-service workers everywhere, thank you.... More

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