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Steakcraft International: The Dexter Rib Steak from Pitt Cue Co., London

Nick Solares 7 comments

What started off as a seasonal food cart selling American-style barbecue on the banks of the Thames a scant two years ago has evolved into a wildly popular Soho restaurant that is creating a uniquely British style of barbecue. See how their Dexter Rib Steak gets made in this special international edition of Steakcraft. More

Steakcraft: The Marrow's Rib Steak and Top Sirloin

New York Nick Solares 7 comments

I have never seen a chef who seasons steak as often and as fastidiously as Harold Dieterle does. At virtually every step of the cooking process he is sprinkling salt or grinding pepper on to the beef. Yet despite the seemingly constant flurry, the steaks at the Marrow come out perfectly seasoned, highlighting the flavor of the beef itself. Here the chef cooks a common cut—rib steak—and a European one: the culotte. More

Steakcraft: S. Prime, A Boutique Steakhouse in Queens

New York Nick Solares 2 comments

"I am too much of a control freak to let someone else age my meat," declares S. Prime's executive Chef Joel Reiss when asked about his dry aging program. There are few chefs with more experience with steak. More

Steakcraft: The Lambs Club's Delmonico Steak

New York Nick Solares 13 comments

"Buy the best product and treat it well" is the simple mantra that Eric Haugen, executive chef of Jeffrey Zakarian's The Lambs Club at The Chatwal Hotel, adheres to. In the case of the Delmonico steak on The Lambs Club menu, he chose USDA Prime Angus beef that's been dry aged for 28 days by butcher Pat LaFrieda. More

Steakcraft: Hurricane Steak and Sushi's Porterhouse and American Wagyu Skirt

New York Nick Solares 2 comments

Hurricane Steak and Sushi recently changed its name from the Hurricane Club, and much of the menu changed with it. While many of the large-format share plates are gone, the chef has kept on this 40 ounce porterhouse for two. More

Steakcraft: Carbone's Porterhouse Combines Old and New Steakhouse Traditions

New York Nick Solares 6 comments

At Carbone, the porterhouse is both a throwback to New York's fine dining steakhouse tradition and something totally new. More

Steakcraft: BLT Steak's Strip and American Wagyu Top Cap

New York Nick Solares 13 comments

When I asked BLT Steak's chef de cusine Bradon Reardon to pick out his two favorite steaks, he chose the bone-in New York strip and the American Wagyu top cap. More

Steakcraft: Marble Lane's Southwestern Steaks

New York Nick Solares 4 comments

I am always on the lookout for unique steak preparations to feature on Steakcraft, and I found three at Marble Lane in the Dream Hotel. In all three cases, the dish starts off with USDA Prime beef, dry aged for 28 days and infused with the flavors from Mexico and the American Southwest. More

Steakcraft: The Secrets of Porter House NY

New York Nick Solares 9 comments

During the course of Steakcraft features, I always come across insider information which on occasion the Chef is willing to let me reveal. Here are some of those secrets from Porter House NY. More

Steakcraft: Porterhouse, Strip, and Rib Steaks at Porter House NY

New York Nick Solares 5 comments

While Porter House NY is on its face a steakhouse, Lomonaco sees it as a direct descendant to Windows as a quintessentially New York restaurant with a strong focus on hospitality. After the jump: a close look at the three of the menu's top steaks. More

Steakcraft: Osteria Morini's 120 Day Dry Aged Ribeye Special

New York Nick Solares 10 comments

"It's like prosciutto," Chef de Cuisine Asi Maman says of the long-aged steak special he gets from Pat LaFrieda. It's served in small portions because the flavor is so intense, and when it drops on the menu, it sells out within the hour. Here's how it gets made. More

Steakcraft: Steaks at Delmonico's, America's Oldest Fine Dining Restaurant

New York Nick Solares 17 comments

Chef William Oliva takes us through the three most popular steaks at America's oldest fine dining restaurant. More

Steakcraft: Quality Meats' Seared Three Filets

New York Nick Solares 26 comments

Last time on Steakcraft we looked at Quality Meats' massive 64 ounce double rib steak. This week we look at another steak from their menu which is almost the polar opposite: the seared three tenderloin filets. More

Steakcraft: Quality Meats' 'Butcher's Cut,' a 64 oz. Dry Aged Double Rib Steak

New York Nick Solares 24 comments

"People would fight over the bone, so we decided to give them two." This is the succinct answer that chef Stratos Georgedakis gives when I ask him how the preposterously sized rib steak for two came to have two bones when most everyone else serves one. There are plenty of steaks for two around town, but few top out at four pounds. More

Steakcraft: Marc Forgione's Deceptively Complex Tomahawk Rib Steak

New York Nick Solares 22 comments

"What's more simple than cooking a steak?" asks Marc Forgione rhetorically of his dry aged tomahawk rib steak. And to Forgione it is simple, elemental even. It would be for you as well if your father was Larry Forgione, one of the deans of modern American cuisine, and if you had worked in restaurant kitchens your whole life before opening your own restaurant. More

Steakcraft: Smith and Wollensky's Dry Aged Short Loin Steaks

New York Nick Solares 5 comments

While Smith and Wollensky's most popular dry aged steak remains the restaurant's signature item—the 32 oz. rib steak—the steaks they fabricate from the short loin are not far behind in sales. More

Steakcraft: Smith and Wollensky's 32 Ounce Rib Steak

New York Nick Solares 25 comments

It is curious that Smith and Wollensky's signature steak was not even listed on the menu until recently. Yet the Colorado rib steak—a masterful 32 oz slab of corn fed USDA Prime beef dry aged for 28 days—has been available since the restaurant opened back in 1977. More

Steakcraft: Heritage Meats in the Essex Street Market

New York Nick Solares 7 comments

Silva the butcher has three decades of experience, which he's currently applying to the incredible steaks at Heritage Meats in the Essex Street Market. Take a look behind the butcher counter. More

Steakcraft: The Rib Steak at RedFarm

New York Nick Solares 6 comments

Quality steak is not something that one generally expects to find in a Chinese restaurant, but Ed Schoenfeld and Joe Ng are changing all that at RedFarm, their avant garde Chinese American restaurant in Greenwich Village. The RedFarm rib steak has all the attributes of a steakhouse cu—a juicy, dry aged chop with charred grill marks cooked perfectly to order—but adds an unexpected and unique twist to the preparation. More

Steakcraft: Michael White's Steaks at Marea, Ai Fiori, and Osteria Morini

New York Nick Solares 5 comments

While chef Michael White is best know for his rococo interpretations of Italian cuisine, he is at heart a corn-fed Midwestern kid with a love of corn-fed American beef. This is evident at three of his Manhattan restaurants: Marea, Ai Fiori, and Osteria Morini. At each he serves one of the crown jewels of the butchers meat locker—the dry aged strip loin. And just as the respective restaurants offer different glimpses of the thematic elements that inspire them, so to is the handling of the same cut, leading to three very different, yet equally compelling results. More

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