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Video: How to Kill a Squirrel and Eat It

Daniel Klein 68 comments

Every culture has different foods that are seen as socially acceptable. Thus, growing up in England, squirrel was never part of my diet. But for John Ny Vang, who is from Laos but has lived in Minnesota for the last 30 years, squirrel is just like any other meat. This fall, he took me out on a hunting expedition to shoot the little guys. More

Photo(s) of the Day: Ravenous Squirrel at Shake Shack Wants to Eat Everything

New York Robyn Lee 29 comments

This squirrel is hungry for burgers. And beer. And hot chocolate. And french fries. More

Video: Squirrel Gets Head Stuck in Yogurt Cup

Adam Kuban 27 comments

This poor little squirrel, no doubt looking for a snack, got its head stuck in what looks like a discarded Yoplait cup. So are yogurt cups the new six-pack plastic rings? (Video, after the jump.) Remember to dispose of containers properly, kids!... More

Headline of the Day

Raphael 1 comment

"Take a hint from squirrels; eat nuts daily"... More

Squirrel: The Eco-Friendly Meat du Jour?

Erin Zimmer 11 comments

Photograph from law_keven on Flickr Bushy-tailed and apparently low-fat, squirrels are the haute new mammal to find on dinner plates. According to the Guardian, hunters cannot shoot the American grey squirrel fast enough to keep up with demands. "Ugh, honey, squirrel again for dinner?" Yes, that phrase might become more popular as consumers discover the furry rodent's small carbon footprint and pleasant taste, hovering somewhere between lamb and duck. Available to many, squirrels have great environmental credentials given their minimal food miles. Ideally, you want the fattened-up ones from the countryside though, not the scrawny one scaling your backyard tree. Squirrel meat is already popular in the Deep South and referenced in older copies of The Joy of Cooking as... More

In Videos: Squirrel Melts

Robyn Lee 22 comments

Tuna melts are so passé. For your next meal, why not try squirrel melts? All you need are some good shooting skills and a forest of squirrels at your disposal. Let Heidi Wilson, star of The Outdoor Channel's show The Huntress (circa 1999), show you the way with her clear instructions and mellifluous voice. "Squirrel melts; you must try them." Yes, I think this is real. Watch the video after the jump.... More

In Videos: Explainer: Can You Eat Squirrels?

Robyn Lee 6 comments

If you can catch one, hell yeah! After the jump watch Slate's Samantha Henig attempt to catch a squirrel in order to cook it à la Mike Huckabee style: fried in a popcorn popper.... More

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