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Cutty's Week, Day 4: The Spuckies

A Sandwich a Day Liz Bomze 1 comment

The Spuckie ($4.10/half, $7.95/whole) is the only sandwich on the menu with a real history, Kelsey says. Originally when he was dreaming up his business, he'd envisioned a muffaletta truck. Sometime after the truck plan evolved into a brick-and-mortar op, the muffaletta turned into the Spuckie, South Boston's take on the Big Easy classic. More

A Sandwich a Day: Spuckie at Cutty's in Brookline, MA

A Sandwich a Day BostonZest 4 comments

Meet the Spuckie: fennel salami, hot capicola, mortadella, hand-pulled mozzarella, and olive-carrot salad on ciabatta. A Spuckie is "what some Bostonians still call a sub or hero." At Cutty's in Brookline Village, you have many Spuckie choices. Pressed or not; half or whole ($3.95 or $7.75, respectively). They even offer a vegetarian version with eggplant instead of meat. More

Cutty's Brings a Signature Sandwich to Boston

J. Kenji López-Alt 28 comments

If you want world-class lobster rolls, perfect steamers, impeccable fresh-shucked oysters, or an enclave of the best Sichuan restaurants on the east coast, Boston is your town. But unlike, say, New York with its Reuben, Philly with its cheesesteak, or Chicago with its Italian Beef, Boston doesn't have a signature sandwich. Until now, that is. When I first heard that Charles Kelsey and his wife Rachel Toomey—both Cook's Illustrated alums—were going to turn the obsessive, perfection-bent mindset of the magazine into producing the best sandwiches, I knew that something serious was going to happen: Boston would finally get a world-class sandwich joint. More

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