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Pie of the Week: Rhubarb Pie

Contrary to calendars and thermometers, for me it's not really spring until the first blush of rhubarb graces New York City. Of course, half the fun is the anticipation; the weeks spent watching and waiting for it to appear. Once it arrives, rhubarb-mania ensues. You'll find me folding it into batters, slow cooking it into compotes, juicing it for sorbets, and canning it for jam. Before all of that, however, I pay homage to the splendid simplistic beauty of rhubarb by baking it into a pie which, above all other expressions, is the best form that rhubarb can possibly take. More

Rhubarb Pie

Making this pie is the best way I know to celebrate the coming of spring. While many people might only think of rhubarb in pie as a secondary ingredient, you'll be surprised and pleased at how well it can shine completely on its own. When adding the sugar, feel free to scale up or down, depending on your desired level of tartness. More

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