'sporks' on Serious Eats

An In-Depth Tribute to Sporks

Can you ever know too much about sporks? I would argue no. The rostral processes, according to John Moors of the blog My Adventures in Food, are the projections extending from the spork's cranium (yes, it has a cranium) that act functionally as teeth to impale foods. The dorsal carina is the ridge extending dorsally along the entire surface of the trunk. If none of this bores you, you should be wearing a spork T-shirt. Related: Serious Eats HQ Gets New Sporks... More

Serious Eats HQ Got New Sporks

Serrated edge on the fork. Ed went to Baltimore last weekend and came back with sporks from the American Visionary Art Museum. This isn't your typical fanged spoon, where the cutlery duo sits on one end. This involves a spoon on one side, fork on the other and a serrated side. Sporknife? So far we've used them to cut oranges (sharp enough), scoop up oatmeal (deep enough), and even open a plastic-wrapped Dr. John album. So multi-talented, that spork! Ergonomically comfortable, these Light My Fire brand sporks were designed by Joachim Nordwall. They come in 19 colors, and when ordered in bulk, special theme packages exist like "combat" (green and gray) and "bistro" (your mod red and black). As... More

A Spork For All Seasons

The impressive utensils featured in this spork roundup from Mighty Goods are just as ready for display as they are for scooping up ramen. Sporks with no handle, sporks made out of bamboo, sporks in eleven different colors—it's the best of the best tool ever.... More

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