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Serious Heat: Homemade Kimchee

Serious Eats Andrea Lynn 25 comments

Photograph from Adactio on Flickr While many people subscribe to the mantra of, "why make it when you can buy it," we think many Serious Eaters are like us in the Chile Pepper office. Why buy it when you can... More

Chile Pepper Magazine Presents: Cowtown Eats

Gretchen VanEsselstyn 6 comments

For a week every September, Fort Worth, Texas, is home to the Chile Pepper editorial staff as we prepare for our spicy food extravaganza, ZestFest. When we're on the road, we naturally turn on our heat-seeking senses. Fort Worth is a fantastic place to eat zesty—here are some of our favorite bites from our week of feasting. Central Market -->While we were in town for ZestFest, the Central Market grocery store in Fort Worth celebrated the Hatch chile festival by introducing an absurdly wide range of Hatchy delights. We wandered the aisles, drooling over Hatch brownies (no, not hash, Hatch), Hatch cheddar, Hatch sausages on Hatch hot dog buns, Hatch salsa, Hatch biscuits, Hatch tortillas, Hatch gelato, Hatchuccino (Hatch plus... More

Chile Pepper Magazine Presents: The Fiery Food Challenge

Gretchen VanEsselstyn 2 comments

2009 Golden Chile Awards Your Spicy Food To-Do List: Part 1 Every year in Fort Worth, Texas, culinary professionals and hot food aficionados gather to judge the longest running and most prestigious competition in the zesty food world: the Fiery Food Challenge. Hundreds of products are blind-judged in a grueling three-day process until only the finest, fieriest foods emerge victorious as winners of the Golden Chile. As editors of Chile Pepper, we can't judge—it's too likely that we'll recognize the flavor of a product we know, and skew the results. But we did drop by the judging last weekend just in time to see one taster jump to his feet. "There's something on my leg!" he exclaimed, "and it... More

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