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Modernist Eats: Spherified Green Eggs and Ham

Spherification has historically been the gateway drug for many an aspiring at-home modernist cook. It's got wow-factor. I mean, you're turning liquid into a semi-solid spherical state for goodness sakes, and it's edible. It's also not too hard to get your hands on the necessary chemicals, which are naturally-occurring and plant-derivative. This is not only an homage to Dr. Seuss but an ideal appetizer to serve to skeptical guests who may be reticent to embrace modernist trends. More

Sweet Coconut Soup with Fruit Pearls

Sweet dessert soups are common in East and South East Asia. I'm partial to those made with coconut milk, which make a silky base for inclusions of fruit, red bean, tapioca pearls, and jellies. Spherified fruit juices combine the best of these add-ins: intense fruit flavor with a dynamic, juicy texture. I used guava juice, but use whatever flavors (perhaps in combination) you like. You can even dilute flavored syrups (like ginger or cinnamon) in water for your fruit juice. Just stay away from acidic ones like lime juice, which in my experience do not set as well. More

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