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Gadgets: Jar Spatula by Martha Stewart Collection

There isn't much science with this gadget: it's a slim, rubber spatula with a wooden handle and a rounded edge ($6.99 at Macy's, not available online). Only about a half inch wide, this jar spatula fits into any jar or crannied container to scoop up its most wedged-in, hard to reach remains. I love having it around for those expensive jars of jam or barely-large-enough-for-one-more-serving marinades, when it helps me make the most of what little is left and ensure none of my precious goods go to waste. More

Spatula Taxonomy

This image, created by Lunchbreath after walking around the International Housewares Show in Chicago last month, makes me wish that Disney would create an animated film called Snow White and the 137 Spatulas. Related An In-Depth Tribute to Sporks Six things you cannot live without in your kitchen? [Talk] Place Setting from Hell... More

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