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Serious Grape: A Week of Food and Wine Pairings

So I decided to give you a week's worth of food and wine pairing suggestions, all of which began with an inspiring recipe on this site. I don't adhere to many traditional "wine and food pairing rules," like no red wine with fish, so I'm including a white wine and a red wine recommendation for each. And, because food and wine pairing can be intimidating, I'm going to explain exactly why I chose the wines I did. More

Seriously Good Affordable Sparkling Wine for New Year's

I'm a pretty wine-challenged guy, so I get easily flummoxed when I'm headed to a New Year's Eve party and I've been asked to bring some sparkling wine or Champagne. To my rescue comes my buddy Joshua Wesson of Best Cellars. Josh has an encyclopedic knowledge of anything wine-related, so he quickly reeled off for me four sparkling wines he said should be readily available anywhere in the country this evening. So if you're headed out tonight in need of a bottle to bring to your hosts, your sparkling wine/Champagne worries are over. Entry Level: Cava Segura Viudas Brut Reserva, $10 Movin' On Up: Mionetto Prosecco, $13 to $15 Takin' You Higher: Mum Napa Brut, $19 to $20 The Real... More

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