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Belmont, MA: Taiwanese Dim Sum Brunch at Shangri-La

Hub Grub Liz Bomze 7 comments

You'll know Shangri-La by the line the snakes out the door—a guaranteed sight every Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. More

Beyond Soup Dumplings: Shanghai Cafe Deluxe's Tasty Dumplings in Soup

New York Andrew Coe 2 comments

We're soup dumpling-mad. When we go to a Shanghai-style Chinese restaurant, all too often we order soup dumplings, perhaps before we even sit down. But sometimes it pays to slow down and pay attention to the rest of the dumpling menu. On a recent visit to the excellent Shanghai Café Deluxe, our eyes lit on something called rice ball with pork in soup ($3.95). What a novel idea—dumplings in soup, rather than dumplings with soup inside them. More

The Soup Dumpling Challenge: Can They Travel?

New York Ed Levine 20 comments

Last week, Ben and I had an animated debate on whether or not soup dumplings (xiao long bao) can travel in a to-go box and still taste delicious. "You can't do it," he said. "You will regret it." Ben was laying down the soup dumpling gauntlet, and I was up to the challenge. I went off to find out. More

Behind the Scenes: Soup Dumplings at RedFarm

New York Laura Togut 14 comments

We're big fans of the pork & crab soup dumplings at RedFarm, so we got a special behind the scenes look at how they're made. Click through to the slide show to see! More

The Best Soup Dumplings In Chinatown, Manhattan

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 40 comments

Finding the best Xiao Long Bao—the famed soup-filled dumplings from Shanghai—in New York has always been a pet project of mine, but it's not an easy goal to accomplish. Given the magnitude of the task, I decided to break it down into more manageable, walkable segments. For our first installment, I limited my search area to Manhattan's Chinatown. More

Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao)

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 29 comments

The City's Best Soup Dumplings at Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao in Flushing

New York Joe DiStefano 15 comments

When it’s bone-chillingly cold, soup is usually the order of the day. Yet sometimes a gigantic steaming bowl is simply too much. Sometimes you crave soup in small, self-contained packages. That’s where xiao long bao, or Shanghai soup dumplings,... More

Photo of the Day: Soup Dumpling In Spoon

Robyn Lee 7 comments

I love the way that Danny's pudgy soup dumpling from Joe's Shanghai in New York City looks like it's trying to escape its spoon. I'm sure it was devoured not long after this photo was taken. In the battle between dumplings and humans, humans always win. Related Photo of the Day: Croissant Innards Photo of the Day: Giant Soup Dumpling Make Your Own Soup Dumplings... More

Make Your Own Soup Dumplings

Lia Bulaong 3 comments

Whenever I take someone out to dinner for soup dumplings who's never had them before, they can never understand why I'm so excited: "Uh, it's just dumplings in soup. Big deal?" But it is a big deal! They are wrong! The dumplings are not in the soup, the soup is in the dumplings! They've got lovely pork fillings inside them, sometimes crab too, but the star attraction is the hot, savoury broth that you suck out through a hole you've delicately nibbled. I live within walking distance of my favorite places to get these wonders of deliciousness, but for those of you who didn't plan your habitats so strategically, this month's issue of Bon Appétit has a short piece... More

Lia vs. Frozen Soup Dumplings

Alaina Browne Post a comment

Look, ma—now we do videos too! Hope you all like this one, there should be more coming soon. We hope to put two or so up every week. Thanks so much to Mo SantRam for the great editing advice!... More

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