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Where Do the Locals Go for Soul Food in Harlem?

New York Michelle No 15 comments

To find soul food in New York you need look no further than Harlem, which claims more fried chicken and mac and cheese per capita than anywhere else in the city. We talked with locals around the neghborhood to see where they get their fix. More

Visit MacArthur's for the Whole Soul Food Experience (Along with Some Good Fried Chicken)

Chicago Mike Gebert 5 comments

One of my favorite places to get fried chicken in Chicago is MacArthur's, the famous soul food restaurant on the West side. I go for the chicken, but also for the sides, the desserts, the line, and the experience. It's a place that's the de facto community center of its neighborhood. More

Biscuit Sandwiches at Jacob's Pickles Look Unwieldy, Taste Great

New York Lily Chin 5 comments

Near the Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side you'll find Jacob's Pickles, a southern/soul food restaurant with some Jewish twists, in a pretty space with some nice outdoor seating. The restaurant's namesake pickles are indeed quite good, but for something more hearty, go for their loaded biscuit sandwiches. More

Bronx Eats: Southern Comfort Has Seen Better Days at Johnson's BBQ

New York Chris E. Crowley Post a comment

Located off a quiet corner of Tinton Avenue, Johnson's BBQ's awning proudly reads "Since 1954," and they would have you believe that things are still, more or less, the same. Inside, there isn't a seat or table to be had. Once upon a time, there may have been a soda fountain; but no longer. Fordham's Dr. Mark Naison, a noted professor of African-American history, crowned Johnson's his "Number One Thing to do in the Bronx." Unfortunately I can't agree. More

The Vegetarian Option: Jacob's Pickles, House-Made Style on the Upper West Side

New York Howard Walfish 1 comment

A restaurant that features house-made pickles, pours craft beer, and specializes in home-style Southern food seems tailor-made for Brooklyn, but it sticks out like a sore thumb on the Upper West Side. Yet that's exactly where you'll find Jacob's Pickles, and if the crowds were any indication on the night of my visit, the West Siders are clamoring for exactly this kind of thing. More

Date Night: Cheryl's Global Soul

New York Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler Post a comment

The inclusive menu, ranging as it does from the Caribbean to Asia to North Africa, extends to the conscientious service ("I sound like your mother," a server said, after gently teasing us about filling up on bread). Cheryl's emphasizes the connections between cuisines and between people, and it's best for: a welcoming date. More

Red Rooster: Well Designed But Still Finding Its Legs

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 22 comments

It's easy to want Red Rooster, Marcus Samuelsson's new 125th Street soul-food-with-a-twist spot, to succeed. Despite the busloads of tourists scarfing down mediocre ribs and fried chicken from nearby Sylvia's, the dining landscape in this neck of the woods is pretty grim. Can Red Rooster change the landscape of fine dining in Harlem? More

Sylvia's Restaurant, Now Delivering

New York Carey Jones Post a comment

Good news for Harlem residents, Columbia students, and anyone willing to shell out for soul food: Crain's New York reports that the legendary Sylvia's Restaurant will begin delivery this February, bringing ribs and fried chicken from 110th Street up to... More

Family-Style Meals at Monell's in Nashville

Erin Zimmer 17 comments

"The Pass to the Left Policy works out well—everyone gets fed eventually. But it gets a tad intense when the fried chicken arrives." Monell's 1235 6th Avenue N., Nashville TN 37208 (map); 615-248-4747 Meals: lunch Monday through Friday, dinner Tuesday through Saturday, breakfast on the weekends and Sunday afternoon meal. Monell's in Nashville is one of those places where you shouldn't eat breakfast that morning (or maybe even last night's dinner). You're basically in for a Southern Thanksgiving, except with 10 or so people you've never met. Every meal here (lunch, dinner, the weekend country breakfast, and Sunday meal) is served family-style like they did back in the days of Southern boarding houses—except with other peoples' families. But you'll get... More

Harper's Soul Food Cafeteria in Nashville, Tennessee

Erin Zimmer 7 comments

"The fried okra nubbins are just asking to be snacked on pre-cash register." [Photographs: Erin Zimmer] Harper's 2610 Jefferson Street, Nashville TN 37208 (map); 615-329-1909 Hours: Open 7 days a week. Monday through Friday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Many restaurants in Nashville are closed on Sundays and Mondays, but Harper's—the cafeteria-style soul food restaurant near Tennessee State University—isn't. And that was sure a good thing this week when bundles of people filed in here after the annual Martin Luther King Day march to the university. Instead of the usual Southern tradition of "Meat and Three" (your choice of one meat and three sides—a beautiful thing), Harper's does Meat and Two. But... More

Calvin's Royal Rib House, Bed-Stuy Barbecue Worth the Line

New York Nina Lalli 5 comments

"People might love the ribs here the exact same way I love my most well-worn muumuu." It has all the signs of deliciousness. Calvin's Royal Rib House, a 30-year barbecue and soul food joint in Bed-Stuy—I would love to avoid... More

Thanksgiving Dinner For One at Piece of Chicken

New York Zach Brooks Post a comment

For those who want to eat Thanksgiving dinner out, we gave you a list of restaurants serving special Thanksgiving Day menus. For those who wanted to eat in, but didn't want to cook, we pointed you to the take out... More

Are Soul Food Restaurants Dying All Over the Country? A Serious Eats Poll

Ed Levine 23 comments

The New York Times notes that many traditional soul food restaurants have closed in Harlem as victims of the neighborhood's changing tastes. Is this trend is going on in other non-Southern cities with well-established African-American neighborhoods. More

Weekend Excursion: All You Can Eat Pre Yankees vs. Mets

New York Zach Brooks Post a comment

Pre-game buffet. (Photo courtesy of Eating in Translation) With baseball season kicking into full swing, alot has been written about good eats around Shea and Yankee Stadiums, and with the Mets visiting the Bronx this weekend, I think the... More

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