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Nouveau Carré

Inspired by the New Orleans classic Vieux Carre, the Nouveau Carre adds a couple of tweaks to the recipe, not only substituting anejo tequila (or anejo sotol) for rye and cognac, but swapping the original's sweet vermouth for the light orangey brightness of Lillet. More

Meet Sotol, Tequila's Northern Cousin

Not that long ago, tequila and mezcal were déclassé, the spirits that you were likely to reach for only if you were vacationing in Mexico (or the backup option, sitting in a Mexican restaurant), or looking to venture into the "Damn, did I really do that?" realm of inebriation, or possibly both. Today, of course, tequila's reputation has changed into one with a lot more gleam and glitter, and artisanal mezcal's 15 minutes in the spirituous spotlight has turned into two-plus years. But as delicious as these agave spirits can be, it's worth taking a few minutes to explore another of Mexico's distilled spirits: sotol. More

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