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Hot Dog Of The Week: Tuscan Tony

"The Tuscan Tony is pure Philadelphia." [Photographs and original artwork: Hawk Krall] Past Weeks' Dogs Cincinnati Cheese Coney24th & Passyunk TruckTexas TommyPhilly Dirty Water DogChicago Dog This week's dog is a one-of-a-kind creation from Paesano's in Philadelphia, and a strong modern contender for the city's signature hot dog. Philadelphia has a rocky history with hot dogs. Although we've had some unique contributions to hot dog history, they're often passed over for cheesesteaks and hoagies. Anyone from the area might know the Philly Fish Cake Combo or Texas Tommy, both of which have been covered here before. Some might even remember the "Kosher Tommy," a Kosher hot dog wrapped in beef salami sold in delicatessens years ago, almost gone today save... More

Swine Is Fine All the Time

It’s time to give up the ghost of holiday gift-giving and concentrate on feeding yourself and your loved ones. All of us at Serious Eats like to eat swine in all its glorious forms. These great purveyors will satisfy anyone’s desire for a serious pork fix. More

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