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Our 6 Best Bites From Huichica Music Festival in Sonoma, CA

Lauren Sloss 3 comments

There's a pocket-sized music festival hiding out in Sonoma. With small crowds, big smiles, and a killer musical lineup tucked amongst the vineyards, the Huichica Music Festival may well be heaven. The festival is in its fourth year at the Gundlach Bundschu Winery (that's gun-lock bun-shoe) and 2013 was twice as big as 2012. If the quality of the food and music lineups are any indicator, the festival is on the brink of becoming a capital B big deal. What could make a vineyard-based music festival even better? A fantastic selection of good eats, of course. More

Sugar Rush: Gelati Pazzo Marco in Gualala, CA

Sweets Lauren Sloss 1 comment

I didn't expect to eat the best gelato of my life in Gualala, California, a tiny seaside town that hugs the Sonoma-Mendocino border. But I did. More

Sonoma, CA: The Fremont Diner Makes a Disappointing Burger in a Great Location

A Hamburger Today Wes Rowe 4 comments

Despite what I would call a failed burger experience, I'm tempted to go back to the Fremont Diner. More

First Look: All the Cocktails at Ad Hoc, Yountville, CA

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 9 comments

If you've been tasting wine all day in Napa or Sonoma, by sunset you might be ready for a change of pace. Ad Hoc, Thomas Keller's family-style restaurant in Yountville, recently got its liquor license, and the team, including Bar Manager Christian Schnurr, Sommelier and Assistant GM Jessica Pinzon, and GM Josh Blackman, has been busy perfecting a Keller-approved 6-item cocktail list that just made its debut. We took the launch as an excuse to head up to wine country to check it out. More

Does Ben the Bachelor's Wine Deserve a Rose?

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 8 comments

I've seen every season of the Bachelor, from the first limo filled with squealing girls to the last sponsored diamond ring. But this year, I'm watching the show for all the right reasons. Because I think I could see myself falling for Ben. We're, you know, on a journey, and I know the process works, and I'm not here to make friends. So what's-her-butt can just back off. Why am I so sure of this connection, when we've only known each other, well, a minute or two less than he's known the other 16 girls he's dating? Because Ben The Bachelor is a winemaker. More

Serious Reads: Field Days, by Jonah Raskin

Serious Reads Leah Douglas 1 comment

The pastoral existence of the family farmer is no longer the norm in the U.S., where only 2% of the population is engaged in agriculture. Yet the past few years have brought increased value to terms like "organic," "local," and "sustainable"—and these buzzwords have prompted more individuals to value farming as a full-time vocation. One such farming enthusiast is Jonah Raskin, whose new memoir Field Days: A Year of Farming, Eating, and Drinking Wine in California recounts his time spent getting to know the land of farmers on the West Coast. More

Serious Grape: Gewürztraminer, the Spicy White Wine with the Difficult Name

Drinks Deb Harkness 4 comments

Despite its tongue-twisting name, it's easy to fall in love with Gewürztraminer because the grape produces wines that are aromatic, spicy, and pair brilliantly with spicy food—especially Asian food. More

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