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7 Mexican Sodas You Should Know

Adam Lindsley 14 comments

The U.S. has a vast selection of its own sweet carbonated beverages, but Mexican pop is worth seeking out, if for no other reason than the unusual flavors we don't see much of here in the States, like tamarind, sangría, and hibiscus. Search your local Latin market for these seven Mexican sodas. More

How to Build a DIY Home Carbonation Rig

Kevin Liu 43 comments

There are plenty of great commercial soda-makers options out there, but there are also some pretty good reasons to rig your own custom device. It boils down to cost, convenience, and customization. More

Señor Brown Cocktail

Serious Eats Michael Dietsch Post a comment

In this simple drink, smoky mezcal offers a savory quality that unfolds on your tongue, and apple soda provides a bracing tartness. More

Taste Test: We Try Every SodaStream Soda Syrup Flavor

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 33 comments

If you want to make soda with your SodaStream seltzer maker, you have 59 different flavor options. We tried them all. More

Cool Soda + Surprising Booze: How to Make Trick Dog's Awesome Highballs at Home

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 8 comments

You're probably familiar with a handful of highballs: the classic Gin & Tonic, the Rum & Coke, the Paloma. Not many folks are working at expanding the booze + soda = drink genre. But Morgan Schick of San Francisco's Trick Dog is—a handful of unusual highballs have appeared on every menu since the bar's opening. More

First Look: Cocktails and Alcohol-Free Drinks at The Dawson in Chicago

Drinks Anthony Todd Post a comment

The Dawson's drink menu includes 10 cocktails, a 'daily dram' infused in the tall glass column downstairs, and a selection of nonalcoholic sodas created by in-house soda jerk Dalton Finney. More

Poll: What Soda Do You Like to Drink With Your Pizza?

Slice Kate Andersen 66 comments

In my review of Rosco's, I mentioned how they serve their root beer (and beer beer) in ice-cold pint glasses. Barboncino, another favorite of mine, makes excellent cocktails. Situations like these are often exceptional, where something is executed so well that overrides our habitual drink preferences. When your grabbing a slice on the go, what's your soda of choice? More

Sparkling Sumac Lemonade

Serious Eats Tama Matsuoka Wong 1 comment

A modern take on "sumac-ade" is a fun, refreshing thirst quencher. More

We Try Mountain Dew Game Fuel Electrifying Berry

Drinks Nick Guy 3 comments

In the proud tradition of flavors celebrating video gaming touchstones, Pepsi is back with its latest limited edition Mountain Dew Game Fuel, this time to coincide with the launch of Microsoft's Xbox One. We tried the upcoming limited edition Electrifying Berry. More

We Try All the Flavors of AriZona's Soda Shaq from 7-Eleven

Drinks Nick Guy 3 comments

Shaquille O'Neal already represents Reebok, Icy Hot/Gold Bond, Buick, and Zales. Clearly, cream soda is the next logical step. So we checked out the whole lineup of Soda Shaq AriZona cream sodas from 7-Eleven. More

Gadgets: PureFizz Soda Maker

Gadgets Donna Currie 9 comments

If you like fizzy sodas but you don't like (or can't have) the ingredients in the commercial products, there's a new way to make your own fizzy drinks at home. The PureFizz Soda Maker is a streamlined product that's little more than a bottle that can withstand the pressure of adding carbonation to liquid and has a way to inject the carbonation. But really, that's all you need. More

The Best Sodas We Tried at Galco's Summer Soda Tasting in Los Angeles

Drinks Farley Elliott 3 comments

The annual Summer Soda Tasting at Galco's gives you the chance to expand your soda palate, and meet some of the soda-brewers themselves. Here are 6 of the best sodas we tried at this year's event. More

Thums Up for Indian Cola

Drinks Sam Hughes 6 comments

Rather than go head to head with the marketing machines of the big boys, the Parle group sold Thums Up to Coca-Cola in 1990. The labels of the two colas might seem similar, but Coca-Cola Classic and Thums Up do actually have quite distinct flavor profiles. More

We Try Chicha Morada, a Purple Peruvian Power Potion

Drinks Sam Hughes 11 comments

I first heard the word "chicha" a few years ago when the folks behind one of my favorite breweries, Dogfish Head, traveled to Peru and back to make their version of the traditional beverage. You might have heard of this stuff before: chewing and spitting out corn is part of the process of making some times of this traditional drink. Enzymes in human saliva turn the starches in the corn into fermentable sugars, ready for brewing. Chicha morada, on the other hand, is not fermented, and is made by boiling purple corn with spices and pineapple rind. More

What To Do With a 17-Year-Old Can of Pepsi Kona? Drink It.

Drinks Sam Hughes 24 comments

The Summer of 1996 was a good time for me. The Sony Playstation and the X Games were still novelties, Beck's Odelay was on the boom box, Beavis and Butthead were about to Do America, and Pepsi test-released a coffee/cola hybrid called Pepsi Kona in my region. Granted, I wasn't an avid coffee drinker back then, but any kind of new soda was an exciting prospect to me. More

Hot Stuff: Agrarian's Cherry Cherry Bomb Bon Soda

Drinks Brian Yaeger 6 comments

The Cherry Cherry Bomb Bon from Agrarian Ales is a soft drink flavored with a neighbor's cherries—but the real secret ingredient is the cherry bomb chili peppers bursting with sweet and savory flavors and a mild heat. This pink-hued soda opens with a burst of fruity sweetness but the distinct sweet-hot chiie flavor gives it a wild kick, and the bubbles lend longevity to its tingling effect. More

DIY vs. Buy: How to Make Your Own Orange Soda

Drinks Marcia Simmons 4 comments

Most orange soda has more in common with orange the color than the fruit, but that doesn't stop me from craving it. The reason I drink soda isn't because I think it's full of vitamins and minerals. I drink it because it tastes good. My idea of the perfect orange soda is the fast-food fountain Orange Crush and Sunkist that I grew up with, even though as an adult I know it's just a bunch of corn syrup and artificial flavoring. Luckily, DIY orange soda delivers the same satisfying combination of sweet and tart you get from the commercial version without the questionable ingredients. More

We Love Oogave's Agave-Sweetened Sodas

Drinks Leonard Pierce Post a comment

Their Watermelon Cream flavor is smooth and delicious, not heavy or syrupy, and the taste is remarkably accurate: this is the closest you'll ever come to drinking carbonated juice straight from a melon. The Strawberry Rhubarb is another knockout. More

Portland, ME: The Healthier Side of Duckfat

Hub Grub Liz Bomze 2 comments

Duck fat-fried fries and doughnut holes. Duck confit. Poutine with duck gravy and, if you want, a fried duck egg. Suffice it to say, Duckfat in Portland, Maine, has become a destination for all things anti-diet. That's not to say fried food is all the Old Port cafe offers, but it's what they take most seriously and what they've always done best. Lately, however, the menu's grown, attracting patrons looking for both guilty and (relatively) guiltless pleasures alike. I went in for the latter. More

Snapshots from Hong Kong: Boiled Coke with Ginger and Lemon

Drinks Robyn Lee 4 comments

Boiled Coke with ginger and lemon started off as a popular cold remedy in Hong Kong, but now it's a popular anytime drink that's found at pretty much all Hong Kong diners. As a first-time, not sick drinker, I found it surprisingly pleasant. The cold and fizzy are gone, but you're left with sweet, spicy, a little tart, a smidge medicinal—all things that would feel restorative on a cold day or in a stream of warmth going down a sore throat. More

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