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Snapshots from Vietnam: Saigon Crab Shack

Living in Saigon, I’m constantly adding new Vietnamese words to my vocabulary. It’s fascinating how some terms stick straightaway, while others, regardless of how many times I run into them, refuse to integrate into my lexicon. For instance, I can’t seem to remember the words for menu, even though I ask to see one practically every day. However, just one tasty encounter with soft-shell crabs was all it took for the words cua lot to be forever seared into my mind. I guess the part of my brain that processes new information is directly connected to my taste buds. I visited Quán 94, a restaurant specializing in crabs, a few weeks back with a travel journalist named Peter. I... More

Snapshots from Vietnam: Chillin' in Saigon

It’s bloody hot in Saigon. The dry season is in full swing, and the days of motorbiking in the rain while donning ponchos are now a distant memory. Unlike most foreigners, I love the heat. It’s probably the product of my Saigon genes and SoCal upbringing. And even though it’s already suitably warm right now, temperatures will likely continue to soar until June. I hope I don’t melt. On those occasions when a cool wet-nap just isn’t enough to keep the heat at bay, here are ten truly local delights to keep from going bananas during the long months before the rains return.... More

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