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Snapshots from Singapore: 13 Singaporean Sweets You Should Know

Singaporeans have a sweet tooth, or more accurately, a composite sweet jaw made with teeth from all over East and Southeast Asia. You'll find Hong Kong egg custard tarts, Malay shaved ice, tropical fruit fritters, and Indonesian sugar syrups...to say nothing of the steamed and baked cakes, fresh fruit, and silken tofu that command long queues at hawker centers well into the night. More

An Introduction to Singaporean Food

Singapore is a tiny country with a voracious appetite: "we'll eat five or six meals a day," one local told me. "I'm not saying that to impress you—we really do." Learn about this food-crazy country's cultural influences, what you must eat here, the frenetic hawker centers, and more in this beginner's guide to Singaporean food. More

Snapshots from Singapore: 12 Must-Try Dishes

I asked a native Singaporean why the people of Singapore are so food crazy. His answer was blunt and typical. "It's the only damn culture we have." With such an influx of new immigrants and ex-pats, it's no wonder that food is the unifying factor for all of Singapore's citizens. With so many flavors to represent, Singapore is absolutely clogged with places to eat; everything from the affordable hawker centers and eating houses to numerous high-end restaurants. Here are the 12 must-try dishes. More

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