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Snapshots From Turkey: Kenji's Best Bites From Istanbul

J. Kenji López-Alt 35 comments

Modern Turkish cuisine has the slow-cooked meaty stews and hearty beans of Central Asian and Caucasian cuisine, the warm spices of Middle Eastern cuisine, and the ingredient-forward influence of the Mediterranean, all mixed up and combined with the refined technique of Ottoman and Western European kitchens. The result is a very food-centric culture with a dizzyingly wide range of ingredients, techniques, and flavors. And in Istanbul, you can get a LOT of it. Here are some of the best things I ate. More

Snapshots from Kenya: A Traditional Meal in the Mombasa Countryside

Brian Oh 8 comments

A recent trip to Kenya took me through the Mombasa countryside to a small village where I enjoyed traditional meal. Watch it come together in the slideshow! More

What We Ate on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler 23 comments

We boarded the Trans-Siberian Railway in Moscow on a foggy, freezing February night. When we disembarked in Beijing, it was a bright March afternoon, and we had traveled more than 4,800 miles. Here's what we ate along the way. More

Snapshots from Rome: Granita from Gelateria del Teatro

Sweets Amanda Ruggeri Post a comment

As the temperatures rise in Rome, nothing could be more refreshing than a granita, Italy's answer to (and predecessor of) the American slushy. But a granita is so much more than the granular ice-and-fake-flavoring mixture we've come to know in the States, especially when it's a granita like this one, from Rome's Gelateria del Teatro. More

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