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How To Make Simple Saucy Pasta Without Butter

A quick meal of blanched green vegetables tossed with pasta in a simply butter sauce is a go-to quick lunch for my wife and I when we're at home. But what happens when you want to replace that butter with some tasty olive oil? It fails to emulsify, making your sauce run right off the pasta into a grease-specked, watery pool at the bottom of the pan. My goal was to get a sauce with the slick, pasta-coating consistency of a butter-based sauce, but packed with complex olive oil flavor. More

Stir-Fried Snap Peas and Mushrooms with Fish Sauce and Basil

This stir-fry is quick, delicious, nutritious, and has only 9 ingredients (ok, 11 if you count oil and salt), which puts it pretty high in the running as a candidate for my list of "100 greatest easy weeknight side dishes of all time," if I ever get around to writing it down. I am not a list-maker by nature. Snap peas are sweet, crunchy, and tender, and with a hint of smoky char from the wok, are one of the greats as far as stir-fry veggies are concerned. And hon-shimeji mushroom—all mushrooms, in fact—are almost custom made for stiry-frys. More

The Food Lab's Asparagus Week, Day 3: Asparagus and Spring Vegetable Risotto

I've already gone deep into the science of risotto in the past, so there's no real need to re-tread in already-been-treaded-in waters. What we're here to talk about today is vegetables, in particular, asparagus and morel mushrooms. The two are partners in crime that could give Pinky and The Brain a run for their money in terms of sheer awesomeness, and now's the time of year to get 'em. More

The Food Lab Lite: How To Put Spring On A Plate

Here's a game: go up to any chefs and ask them what their favorite season of the year is. Chances are "Spring. Right now," is the answer. Why is that? Well, they might get all poetic and claim that it's because of what spring represents—those first shoots of tender life that burst forth through the ground after the long, cold winter and all that. But here's the truth: Chefs love spring because it makes their job easier. More

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