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My Pie Monday: Bacon Jam, Pita Pizza, Wine Chorizo and Much More!

Happy My Pie Monday! It should come as no surprise to you that there are a great mix of pies this week, especially with the continued blank of baking steel produced pies. Imwalkin tinkers with a new steel set up this week, Whoha has a double first with his virgin run with the steel and the New York-style pie, SonnyC79 crowns his first steel fired pie with bacon jam (Whoa!). Effanzo_Mane expects to get his steel any day now, but in the meantime he seems to be faring just fine—I mean, who can argue with wine chorizo? SMST3 sends in an upside down (sauce on top) whole wheat creation, and while amusebouche1's pizza may look like whole wheat, in amusebouche1-style, it's got a creative twist. Newcomer kstwewsc includes her favorite topping combo, arugula and proscuitto on her caputo 00 base. Budreski turns a pita into a pita pizza with loads of veggies. Keeping it classic this week, TXCraig1 adds a Margherita to the mix, and Norma427 has a Vermont pepperoni topped pie named for some pizza helping friends. More

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