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The Secret Ingredient: Smoked Salt

I am addicted to salt. If allowed to bring only one thing to a desert island, I wouldn't even have to; the one thing I need to survive, salt, would be in the ocean all around me. One day last year, I walked over to the supermarket with spring in my step--it was my salt cellar renewal day, time to replenish my collection of salt. I stand at the shelves and ponder my options. I saw the famed Maldon sea salt, in its stately box, on the bottom shelf. I thought it would be expensive, and I almost left without it, but something made me check the price. It is English, so for a hefty box of gourmet salt,... More

Smoked Salt Caramels

In France, caramels are often flavored with fleur de sel, flakes of sea salt, that balance and emphasize the sugary sweetness of the caramel. Even macarons made with caramel are finished with fleur de sel. So I thought, why not... More

Smoky Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara is named for the coal miner. And yet, there is nothing smoky about the original version—guanciale and pancetta are both unsmoked cuts of pork. So, I used smoked salt and smoked bacon to reinforce the classic pasta’s namesake.... More

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