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British People's Favorite Food Smells

[Photograph: Robyn Lee] Telegraph reports the results of a survey conducted by OnePoll of 4,000 British people on their favorite smells. Number one: freshly baked bread. Other favorite food smells include freshly ground coffee, vanilla, chocolate, fish and chips, and bacon frying. Perfumeries, get cracking on a freshly baked bread scent. [via Neatorama]... More

Why French Fries Smell So Good

Scientists in Leeds, England, have figured out why french fries (known as "chips" there) smell so good: "They have found that the appeal of their smell could actually be down to the range of different aromas chips contain. Nine aromas, including butterscotch, cocoa, onion, cheese, and even ironing boards, all combine to help make chips one of Britain's iconic dishes, it is said." Related: Space Smells Like Steak... More

Large-Scale Enticing Food Smells

Inspired by the maple syrup smell that occasionally wafts across parts of Manhattan, we want to hear what other large-scale food odors you've encountered in other cities. In Kansas City, I remember the aroma of fresh-baked bread coming from the Wonder Bread factory. However cottony those loaves may have been, that toast aroma was sure hunger-inducing. More

Smelly Postage Stamps from Around the World

Clockwise from top left: India's jasmine-scented stamp; Brazil's coffee-scented stamp; China's sweet-and-sour-pork-scented stamp; Switzerland's chocolate stamp. Maybe you are mailing a love letter. Or paying bills. Either way, you'll need a stamp. If you are writing to proclaim your love for me, consider using a coffee-scented stamp from Brazil or a rose-scented stamp from the tiny nation of Bhutan, who released the world's first scented stamps in 1973. These smelly postage stamps and others appear in The Presurfer's short list of the world's smelliest postage stamps. Like many endeavors, the olfactory stamp was conceived in a ploy to make money—and it worked. Nations rake in the most postage profits from stamp collectors who never put their stamps to work.... More

You Smell Like Bacon

JalapeƱo Girl cooked a pound of bacon and spent the next day at work, smelling of bacon: "The folks on my new project probably thought I was weird that first day. Rather than expose them to my bacony smells, I would lean way back whenever someone greeted me or came close."... More

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