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New and Notable NYC Pizzerias

With National Pizza Month drawing to a close, I'm in a reflective mood. Let's take a look at some of the new NYC pizzerias that have opened this year — including Barboncino, Wild Rise, Zero Otto Nove, and more. We also pour some olive oil out on the curb for some of our home slices who closed this year. More

Workingman's Friend in Indianapolis

Hamburger documentarian George Motz turned me on to Workingman's Friend, which will be featured in the updated edition of Motz's book Hamburger America, when I told him I was visiting Indianapolis over the winter break. I was planning to write a review, but Daniel beat me to the punch last week. No worries—he did a great job. Instead, I'll supplement his review with a slideshow of photos from Workingman's Friend. More

Nomad Pizza Co. Photo Gallery

[Photographs: Adam Kuban, except where noted] A few weeks ago, a pizza field trip essentially organized itself in the comments of a post about Nomad Pizza Co. On Saturday, the field trip finally happened. Among those on hand: Famdoc, Philip Given, Jason IDOP, Stacey Snacks, Ciao Chow Linda, Nick Sherman, Scott Wiener, Sean Taylor, Paulie Gee, Brownie, and Cary and Lillian Steiner. (Wow. Did I get everyone with a URL?) Slideshow photo gallery, after the jump.... More

Snapshots from London: The Real Food Market at Covent Garden

[Photographs: Carey Jones] All right, London. You've already got Borough Market, the envy of food lovers across the planet. Need you really add another? Held in the Covent Garden piazza every week, the Real Food Market brings together all sorts of vendors, including many Borough Market favorites, such as Neal's Yard Dairy, the Flour Station, and Shellseekers. After a special four-day showing during London Restaurant Festival, the market will convene every Thursday through November 5, and every Thursday and Friday, until Christmas, after that. Click through for our slideshow of the highlights. Carey is over in London thanks to Visit London, the city's official tourist organization, in connection with Virgin Atlantic and the Intercontinental Park Lane.... More

Marea: Le Collezione

[Photos: Nick Solares] At acclaimed NYC seafood restaurant Marea, chef Michael White crafts a crudo-and-pasta tasting menu, available at Marea's crudo bar. "The pasta station gets slammed every night," White told me when asked what inspired him to create a... More

First Seeds Delivered to Arctic Seed Vault

From the New York Times The Global Crop Diversity Trust's Arctic Seed Vault just took the first delivery on seeds this week, and the New York Times has a beautiful slide show that tells the vault's tale in almost sci-fi-like visuals. The vault, which burrows 500 feet into the permafrost of a Norwegian island near the Arctic Circle, was created as a bulwark against the extinction of plant species.... More

Coal Vines Slideshow

I forgot about this photo set, but earlier this year, our web developer here at Slice–Serious Eats HQ went on a trip to Dallas and visited Coal Vines, one of America's coal-oven pizzerias not in New York or New Haven. He brought back some pix, below: Doesn't look half bad, does it? Coal Vines Address: 2404 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas TX 75201 (map) Phone: 214-855-4999 Website: coalvines.com Notes: Second location at 1251 East Southlake Boulevard, Southlake TX 76092 (map); 817-310-0850... More


Most Sicilian pizza is just too thick for me, but Rizzo's in Astoria is the home of the wondrous thin-crust Sicilian slice. For 40 years, Joe Rizzo has been making thin-crust Sicilian pizza the way his father learned in Sicily. That means he uses homemade sauce (slightly sweet), full-cream mozzarella that lies ever so gently on top of the light—almost demure—crust, and just enough Romano cheese to give his pizza a little zing. When you walk into Rizzo's, all you'll see on the counter are rectangular trays of fresh-out-of-the-oven Sicilian pizza. After years of maintaining Sicilian-only pizza purity, Rizzo's... More


At Denino's, the pizza box says it all: "In Crust We Trust." They should trust their crust, because it is light and crisp and pliant. Denino's is a classic red-brick tavern pizzeria (with a separate dining room), but it is just as welcoming to kids after a little league game as it is to middle-aged softball players coming in for a pie and a brew after a game. I'm crazy about Denino's sausage pie, which features fine sweet Italian sausage made fresh every day by a local butcher. If you want to go vegetarian, try the white pie, made... More

Joe & Pat's

Giuseppe Pappalardo, an owner of Joe & Pat's in Castleton Corners, Staten Island, mastered his craft at three legendary Staten Island slice establishments: Nunzio's, Ciro's, and Tokie's. His slices are distinguished by a superbly thin, crisp crust. "They're easier to digest," he says, "so you can eat a lot of them." And believe me, I do. Giuseppe's son Angelo has now joined him at the pizzeria. He's a serious chef whose last stop was at Esca in Manhattan. I'm sure he'll do wonders for all the other food at Joe & Pat's. The only way he could improve the... More

Bella Via

Salvatore Pollito is a pie man, no two ways about it. Ten years ago he opened a solid slice joint in Queens. Then, when he felt he had mastered the art of the slice, he decided to tackle coal-fired, brick-oven pizza, inspired by his many ttips to Totonno's and Patsy's. He has done that successfully at Bella Via, which, with its brick walls and big windows, is one of the more cheerful pizzerias I have come across. Pollito had a local guy build the oven at Bella Via, and tucked it into the back of the place in full... More

New York Pizza Suprema

If you find yourself headed to Madison Square Garden for a Knicks or Rangers game or a concert and you have 15 minutes or less to get something to eat, Pizza Suprema is the answer to your prayers. A mere two blocks from a Garden entrance, it looks like a generic pizzeria. Don't be fooled. The regular slices have a crisp crust, a fine if overly sweet sauce and a little too much cheese. Have one regular slice and one slice of the marinara pie—a Sicilian slice coated with marinara sauce containing flecks of fresh onion, then sprinkled with... More

Forno Italia

The first time I tried to have a pizza at Forno Italia, the place had been reduced to rubble by a complete renovation. I worried that the wood-burning pizza oven I had heard so much about would not be part of the new restaurant. I needn't have worried. What makes Forno ltalia's pizza so good is the gorgeous oven, a skilled pizzaiolo, and the house-made mozzarella, which is so good that the proprietors wholesale it to other Italian restaurants and pizzerias in the know. The pies are individual Neapolitan-style beauties, with a chewy, puffy crust that is pretty swell.... More

New Park Pizzeria

In planning Pizza: A Slice of Heaven, I originally envisioned a chapter on "beach pizza," for pizzerias found along the boardwalk in places such as Ocean City and Atlantic City in New Jersey, and Rehobeth, Delaware. I eventually nixed the idea because my research revealed that most beach pizza is pretty awful (there are exceptions along the Jersey Shore that are written about elsewhere in the book). Another exception that I had to include is New Park Pizzeria, located in Howard Beach, Queens, right next to Kennedy Airport. New Park Pizzeria is the paradigm of a beach pizza joint.... More

A Slice of Heaven: Louie and Ernie's

Wassup, Homeslices? Adam here. I arrived at at Serious Eats–Slice world headquarters this morning, sat down at my desk, and before I could do even a lick of work, the bossman, Ed Levine, started badgering me: "Whatever happened to the excerpts of my pizza book you were posting? I haven't seen one on Slice in ages." He's right. So without further ado, Slice will resume posting excerpts from Pizza: A Slice of Heaven. If you've missed any, here's the archive of all Slice of Heaven entries. —The Mgmt. City officials know a good slice of pizza when they see one:... More

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