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Taste Test: Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Sweets Erin Zimmer 22 comments

This was by far one of the most violent taste tests we've had at Serious Eats world headquarters—we butchered off ears, cottontails, and hind legs, trying not to think too hard about former fluffy pets or Thumper. But hey, we needed to find the best of the hippity-hoppity chocolate Easter rabbits (and carving matzo wouldn't have been as fun). More

How to Prepare Breaded Cutlets

How To Kumiko Mitarai 35 comments

"Standard Breading Procedure," perhaps the dullest-sounding term in cooking, turns out crispy, evenly browned crust that stays on your food rather than falling off into the pan. And the meat that is insulated within is moist and tender. More

NCAA Basketball Tournament: 64 Great Foods in 64 College Towns

Erin Zimmer 76 comments

As college basketball fans (yes, we filled out our brackets this morning) we decided to find the most delicious plate of food in each of the college towns for each team competing in this year's NCAA Basketball Tournament. Some were no-brainers while others required help from friends and readers, but eventually we found a damn-good bite in each team's hometown. More

Mobile Chowdown 3: Seattle vs. Portland Street Food

Jay Friedman 10 comments

Over the weekend, throngs of Seattleites gathered for the Mobile Chowdown 3, hosted next to Safeco Field (home of the Mariners). As opposed to the first two Chowdown installments, this one had a throwdown element to it—three food trucks drove up from Portland to Seattle to participate. Read more about this regional street food rivalry and find out who had the better kimchi quesadillas and poutine. More

How to Trim an Artichoke

How To Kumiko Mitarai 17 comments

If you approach the task of trimming an artichoke as if you're delicately pulling at rose petals, yes, it will take a while. But instead, I imagine myself as the owl from the old Tootsie Roll Pop commercials: how many licks does it take to get to the center? A one, a two, a three, chomp. This slideshow will explain two artichoke-trimming techniques: one for whole artichokes, the other for the hearts. More

How to Cook En Papillote

How To Kumiko Mitarai 21 comments

After a week of cooking almost exclusively en papillote, I've found there's a lot to like about foods wrapped like little presents. Veggies, meat, fish, or whatever else you decide to stuff into the little package, comes out aromatic, tender, and flavorful— not at all the1980s-style health food you may be picturing. More

How to Sweat Vegetables

How To Kumiko Mitarai 3 comments

There's nothing like the smell of aromatic vegetables sweating away on the stove. It's a great first step in preparing soups, sauces, stews, and braises and is so easy to do. The technique uses a gentle heat to soften veggies to gently draw out their flavors. Learn how, step by step. More

Notes from the South: Meat-and-Threes in Georgia

Chichi Wang 11 comments

In the South, you won't have a problem finding meat-and-threes—a meat entrée accompanied by three sides. Here's are photos of meat-and-threes from a few places in Georgia. More

How to Cook Dried Beans

How To Kumiko Mitarai 45 comments

For such a humble ingredient, beans can be polarizing. There are Soakers and Non-Soakers; those who prefer the oven, and those who go for the stove. But the best beans are flavorful, evenly cooked and tender, and not mushy or falling apart. This slideshow will demonstrate how to soak beans so they come out perfect. More

Technique of the Week: How to Beat Egg Whites

Sweets Kumiko Mitarai 7 comments

This slideshow will take you through the process of achieving perfectly beaten egg whites, from the whole egg to stiff peaks. More

Technique of the Week: How to Cream Butter and Sugar

Sweets Kumiko Mitarai 26 comments

I did my best with our family's old hand mixer but always wondered, do they really mean light and fluffy? How could a stick of butter and some sugar ever be anything but thick and heavy? More

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