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The Best Pizza by the Slice in San Francisco

I moved to San Francisco from New York a few months ago, and it's been fantastic. But despite it all, there's one thing I've been missing: A good New York-style slice of pizza. And I'm not talking a sit-down-at-the-table-order-and-wait-thirty-minutes type of slice. I'm talking the kind of slice that you grab on your way out of the train station or late at night while stumbling home from the bar. The kind of slice that can be hot and in your hands for a couple of bucks and a wait of no longer than five minutes. Luckily, it turns out there is great pizza by the slice in San Francisco. You've just gotta know where to look. I visited over 30 pizzerias and tasted over 40 slices of pizza to find the best in San Francisco and the East Bay. More

How to Find and Order Great Pizza in New York

As a New Yorker, I'm unfit to make the call on whether or not we have the best pizza in the world. It's against my basic upbringing to even entertain the notion that our pizza, bagels, pastrami, and hot dogs aren't the best. But if you, as a visitor to our fair city, want to make the call for yourself, you should start by getting the best that the city has to offer. More

Morristown, NJ: Millie's Old World Unites Two Ovens Under One Roof

Millie's Old World, a snazzy new spot on Morristown's main drag, has not one, but two types of ovens. The first, a wood-fired import from Naples, is capable of churning out Neapolitan pizzas in 90 seconds flat; the second, a coal-burning oven, yields a chewier (but equally flavorful) crust. Why not pick just one style of pizza? According to Marlene Carrabba, mother of sibling owners Vince and Brandon, her boys each had a favorite and couldn't choose between the two. So, in true Jersey style, they went with both. More

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Here are some posts you may have missed this week from the Serious Eats family: Ed Levine's New York Eats: Lucali's: The Warm Glow of a Wonderful Pizzeria Slice: 'Oprah,' Pizzeria Bianco, Google, and Slice: A Closed Loop A Hamburger Today: White Manna in Hackensack to Appear on Food Network Slice: Openings: Zero Otto Nove A Hamburger Today: Jess & Jim's Now Serving Steakburgers... More

BREAKING: Health Dept. Closes Di Fara Pizza

Noooooo!!!!!! Slice reader Gabriel S. just emailed me: "Went by Di Fara looking for a slice today and saw that they were shut by the board of health yesterday. Do you have any details?" I just called Dom DeMarco proprietor of legendary Brooklyn pizzeria Di Fara. He was at the restaurant, and he confirms that the Department of Health has closed the place "for little things." "They say I've gotta wear gloves now—and a hat," Mr. DeMarco said. "It's all little things, like everybody else." Despite the crap news, Dom seemed pretty chipper, taking things in stride. "I'd only wear a hat if I were bald. I'd rather pay the fine than wear the hat." Mr. DeMarco estimates he'll be... More

Edibles: Stockholm Slices

Hey, Serious Eaters! Adam Kuban here. In today's installment of 'Edibles,' I join Ed to chat about the wait at popular Brooklyn pizzeria Di Fara, where word is that line time is running upward of two-plus hours. MENTIONED IN TODAY'S 'EDIBLES' David Rosengarten on Di Fara (and Franny's) The Stockholm Syndrome: (Etymology: from a 1973 robbery attempt in Stockholm, Sweden, during which bank employees held hostage developed sympathetic feelings toward their captors) the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor. [Merriam-Webster] "Stockholm Syndrome itself is most commonly perceived to occur with hostage situations, with the logic behind developing this relationship with an abuser or captor is in the interest of... More

Scandalous Admission from Pizza Blogger

Just when you think you know someone. Slice/Serious Eats pizza fiend Adam Kuban throws us for a loop in a FoodCandy.com interview: "Um, I've got to admit that I don't really mind pineapple on a pie. In fact, I order it quite a bit because 'Girl Slice' really likes pineapple." What do you think about pineapple on pizza?... More

Belly Buster Challenge in Santa Clara, California

Could you eat an entire 20-inch pizza by yourself? With two toppings? What if it guaranteed you free pizza for a year? Blogger Bear Silber reaches for the eye of the tiger: The Pizza and Pipes Belly Buster challenge was a success. A few men set out to make history, two became boys while one became a legend. What exactly is the Belly Buster challenge you ask. Simple, it’s a 20” pizza that must be consumed in one hour or less by one individual. To date many have tried but none have been victorious. The Hall of Shame is filled with Polaroids of individuals who’ve attempted to conquer the Belly Buster while the Hall of Fame lay bare. Did... More

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